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The Girl Who dropped From the Sky

Rito make the efforts to work-related up the courage come confess to his long time crush. The universe seems to be against him, dropping a naked runaway extraterrestrial princess called Lala into his bathtub.

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E1 | The Girl Who dropped From the Sky

Rito tries to job-related up the courage come confess come his lengthy time crush. The universe appears to be versus him, dropping a nude runaway extraterrestrial princess named Lala into his bathtub.


E2 | A broken Engagement?!

Rito finds the he"s involved to Lala and also has three days to conserve the earth from her alien father, King Deviluke. To do matters worse, his longtime like is mad at him.


E3 | Love Triangle

Lala is the brand-new transfer college student at Rito"s school and even despite he implores she to store a short profile, her antics room making her quite popular. 

E4 | A Love Apron from external Space

Inspired through Mikan"s hot meals, Lala tries to cook, yet the outcomes are yucky. Rito sees his chance and declares that he will certainly not get married Lala uneven she can cook well because that him.

E5 | The Queen’s Challenge

Saki Tenhouin, the queen the Sainan High School, i do not care jealous once she finds out Lala"s popular is on the rise and challenges her to the miss out on Sainan Competition.

E6 | The alien Assassin

Lala desires to learn more about Rito, however she may have obtained the dorn idea in science class during dissections.

E7 | All males Should Be choose This

A brand-new rival for Lala"s affections has arrived at Sainan private High School: Ren, one of her childhood friends.

E8 | The Prefect that Spotless Integrity

One that the college prefects, Yui, is every about great morality. She convinces the principal to allow her to create an enforcement squad, making Rito public foe number one.

E9 | native A shining Star, v Love

Another suitor blasts his way into the picture, this time quite literally, put on an armored rocket suit, trying desperately to snatch Lala.

E10 | A room Entertainer

Lala’s fan club president, Stella, shows up, do the efforts to to convince her to return to make one idol CD. Stella i do not care upset as soon as she finds that Lala is engaged and refusing to go.

E11 | The golden Darkness

Rito is assaulted by a strange, golden haired girl top top the street. It transforms out the she is one assassin, understand as golden Darkness, rental to kill him.

E12 | A Frightening field Day!

The strong festival has actually arrived and also Rito makes a complete fool the himself, trying every little thing he deserve to think that to impress Haruna.

E13 | The best Man in the Universe

King Deviluke is comes to planet to see if Rito is worthy. Rito is left with only one option: come to be the greatest Man in the Universe.

E14 | A secret Between the 2 of Us

With Rito"s biggest Man in the world training underway, that runs into Haruna and they build an unlikely relationship, which lastly escalates in Rito"s favor: a date!

E15 | Princess of the Jungle

Rito, Haruna, and Lala are moving up in the universe, when an alien prince visits and also they each come to be Ambassadors of peace from the Earth.

E16 | Run’s surprise Confession

Everyone decides to have actually a funny afternoon together at the water park. However, Rito now has actually a brand-new source of partnership drama: Run has actually fallen in love through him, too.

E17 | The Ghost in the Old school Building

Rito and everyone decision to go to the old college to discover out if the rumor that a ghost haunting the structure is true.

E18 | Saruyama, The Gift

A spaceship paris over the school and also drops turn off a package for Lala top top the roof. Within the package is a pregnant wolf that jumps out and also tries to death her!

E19 | Hell’s hot Springs: extraterrestrial Girls and also Colorful Exposed Bodies

After see a advertisement on TV fostering a hot springs, Lala speak Rito that she wants to very own one, proceeding to develop her own right in your backyard.

E20 | Explosive heat Magical Girl Kyouko Flame

General Mojack decides to shot and take end the people so Kirisaki takes the upon her me to damage him by transforming into miracle Kyoko Flame.

E21 | A Chronicle that Bloodshed in ~ Yuuki Inn

Yuuki hears about an alien hotel being operation by Mikade-sensei and also Kimio. There, Yuuki decides to shot it inspect it out via the old institution building.

E22 | A Frightening college Festival!

Everyone is upset by Yui"s submission of what they need to do for the society festival. She submitted the they execute a an ar research display or a calligraphy display.

E23 | Saruyama’s tales of the inside Chambers

Saruyama wishes that he was a nobleman native the Edo Castle. He climate starts to daydream around being the ruler of Edo Castle.

E24 | v Shyness

Lala"s personality alters due come a fever. Rito now has actually to resolve Lala"s constantly changing personalitues and also her desire come take over the people as a deviluke princess.

E25 | Earth’s final Night

Rito receive a blog post from the King which orders him to board the spaceship and also prove that is the finest in the universe. Before boarding, that confesses his feelings because that Haruna.

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E26 | Lala

Yuki wakes approximately Haruna and also Lala yelling at him that he is around to miss out on the ship. Lala decides she can"t marry unless he desires to. 

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