LiveNation is marketing aisle seats now, do you message your boss?, Buyer’s remorse, Todd defines what’s happening come 95.5PLJ, Love from our listeners, genuine News or Fake News Todd & Jayde edition, Phil Solarno Children’s devoted Hospital, branch of NJ Phil Murphy check in, almost all women have actually a freckle on your wrist. See for privacy information.

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Todd announces alters to the legend WPLJ and the morning display reflects on how much love and appreciation they have actually for listeners, one another, and also the radio station in itself. WE say thanks to YOU! See because that privacy information.
Taco Bell hot sauce saves lives, Traveling v your mom, Dog swim trunks, fight of the Ages, extreme things you did to punish your kids.See because that privacy information.
Insta story etiquette, Annie’s an excellent News, Laugh It up game, Things people love the don’t seem to appeal to you, once to start offering your kid swim lessons, Escalator rides, different honeymoons are a thing.See for privacy information.
Fined for wearing upper and lower reversal flops in Italy, Annie’s an excellent News, Knicks owner, woman blames demons because that stealing a rental car, Leprechaun-oke, alternating words because that swearing in former of her kids.See because that privacy information.
Your dog's personality changes overtime and becomes choose yours, Teresa Giudice claims she’d divorce Joe is he gets deported, Stupid simple Trivia, most annoying voices, cram cheese at babies.See because that privacy information.
List that weirdest points left behind in one Uber critical year, people who finish up through teachers room the happiest, Todd it s okay a rental truck, shed kids, Love em’ or leave em’.See because that privacy information.
Types that Uber drivers, Two-thirds the millennials have actually buyer’s remorse after buying a home, as soon as matchmaking backfires, battle of the Ages, Intern Zach’s fender bender may have actually been Annie’s fault.See because that privacy information.
Giving yourself food poising, Annie's an excellent News, FaceTime will driving, TV mirrors your youngsters love the aren't appropriate, See because that privacy information.
Going to bed v wet hair, One word friend shouldn’t use in a occupational related email, Pre nups if you’re dating, Marie Kondo is helping the document shredding business, sending out love to our listeners, date contract, Love em’ or leave em’. See because that privacy information.
Nudist civilization record, splitting NY state right into two, Naming youngsters so lock stand out online, average tax refund down $500 this year, fight of the Ages, on facebook moderators have actually the worst project ever.See because that privacy information.
Millennials room hiring tree consultants, mrs gets captured stealing native her brand-new job, Annie’s an excellent News, are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper a thing?, guys no matter what age are attractive to females 20-24.See because that privacy information.
Disney conspiracies, woman breaks into ex’s home to delete a photograph off his phone, Annie’s an excellent News, Movie-okie, break up assistance system, mrs divorces husband over hamburger, Real negative customer service, Rachel Platten firing earlier at mommy bloggers.See for privacy information.
Pizza for breakfast, Life-changing lot of money, How many towels need to you have actually in her house?, Worst business names, 4 day job-related week, Stupid straightforward Trivia, Movie-okie.See because that privacy information.
Miranda Lambert marries brand-new York cop, Bizarre rituals, Movie-oke, Love em' or leaving em'.See for privacy information.
Toasters space killing us, Valentines work fail, men who don’t do push ups space most most likely to get heart disease, battle of the Ages, Mick Jagger is stable down, Drunken NY woman kicked off trip for spitting and also kicking, Italian football player calls out mom for posting ‘sexy’ images on Instagram.See because that privacy information.
Kylie Jenner has actually 10K precious of luigi Vuitton towels in she bathroom, NYC emergency vehicles obtaining a new siren, Annie’s an excellent News, Charlie Todd is walking to it is in a big brother, just how one man acquired a cost-free meal at the Outback, actual News VS Fake News, Intruder at Annie’s house.See for privacy information.
Hangovers and more, Annie’s an excellent News, Singles Awareness Day and also the ideal places come cry in the city, Bride doesn’t want a bridesmaid in her wedding for having actually a huge chest, Kanye serenades Kim v Kenny G, college student passes out edibles at Fairlawn school.See for privacy information.
Thanks to Peppapig American kids are arising British accents, Married pair living through roommate, 13% speak Valentine’s day is your favorite holiday, Cupid-oke, finest french fries in the world.See because that privacy information.


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