Tony Romo’s offseason saga has now has actually lasted virtually three weeks and also has taken yet one more interesting turn. Top top Monday, Denver Broncos general Manager man Elway stated that the team had “no intent” to go after Romo together a complimentary agent, even if the quarterback is at some point released. The was previously reported the Romo had narrowed his decisions to the Texans or retirement, however it currently seems that the Broncos space at least keeping the door open to the Romo possibility, albeit ever so slightly.

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Tony Romo continues to be a Dallas Cowboy, but the Denver Broncos reportedly have actually interest in obtaining him... <+> if that is released. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

With the news that the Cowboys are ready to host onto Romo after following month’s NFL Draft, the is clear that the resolution of Romo’s future no going to be clarified anytime soon.

This #Cowboys situation with Tony Romo isn"t ending any time soon. The could proceed not only up to the draft, however past the draft. Buckle up

RapSheet) march 27, 2017

It boils under to the Cowboys believing one more team will eventually provide the team through a satisfactory draft pick, in exchange for Romo, instead of perhaps letting the quarterback leaving without compensation. The Broncos are predictably subscribing to the heat of reasoning that the Cowboys will eventually have no choice but to release Romo rather of choose up his $14 million salary for the 2017 season. Romo is in the center of a six-year, $108 million contract that contained $55 million in guarantee money as soon as he signed it in march of 2013. If he to be to play the end his contract in the entirety, the would have actually base incomes of $14 million in 2017, $19.5 million in 2018 and $20.5 million in 2019.

Clarence Hill Jr., that covers the Dallas Cowboys because that the Dallas Star-Telegram is reporting that the Broncos are interested in Romo together a cost-free agent however have no plans to profession for him and also have no plans to obtain the 37-year old quarterback at his existing salary.

With the Broncoswillingness to take it thisstance into April, its most likely that castle think the remainder of the organization thinks similarly. The Texans, the various other team that has been report to have an interest in bringing in Romo, traded critical year’s starting quarterback Brock Osweiler come the Cleveland Browns previously this month yet have however to show an appetite to gain Romo via trade.

As this case drags on and also Romo’s potential time v his brand-new team is cut down, together Week 1 approaches, it is additionally reported that Romo has began to distance himself native teammates that he felt were “pro-Prescott” critical season as soon as the debate in between whether now second-year quarterback Dak Prescott or Romo should be in charge of the team’s future in ~ quarterback.

In any team sport it is always a tricky dynamic to have a player who desires to be play elsewhere. That is further complex when the team has additionally moved on, i beg your pardon it appears the Cowboys have done. If this instance has to be handled relatively cordially, all things considered, it could lead come a an ext stressful case if Romo remains a Cowboy deep into April.

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For a player as significant as Romo is come the Dallas Cowboys come still it is in on the roster in ~ this late date has absolutely been surprising. There might be the possibility that he tires of the situation and retires to end up being a broadcaster for Fox or CBS, which has likewise been report to it is in an alternative as well.


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