I love an excellent movie lines. My love because that movies was lugged on the back of quoting movies through my friends together we drove approximately aimlessly from quick food restaurant, come store, come movie theater, come someone’s parent’s basement. Ns have currently shown this love because that movie present in previous posts (Mediocre ; How deserve to you not be romantic around baseball?; i Can’t Beat the ). But I assumed I would get an ext direct and also talk about a movie line i like- also if it is the no repercussion to the greater film- and also why I prefer it.

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Lots of movie present are great because that their meaning (“I think we require a larger boat.” “I am her father…” etc…). However many many an ext are great because lock hit simply right and also stick in the center of her brain. And also then, as life go on, the heat pops out of your mouth in ~ the weirdest times. Civilization inevitably ask, “Where is the from?” because it was a line of no consequence, nothing to be remembered. That does not reveal its source. That was just something that stuck because of a sound top quality or rotate of expression or emotional undercurrent. I love those lines, and I desire to write around those lines.

And the ideal example of this is fromIron Man. Jeff Bridges, playing Tony Stark’s at first lovable service partner Obadiah Stane, it is intended one hell the a line when he confronts one of his plenty of scientists trying to recreate the power source to Tony Stark’s Iron man suit. The scientist informed Obadiah, the all the king scientists and also all the king men could not placed the arc reactor earlier together again. Obadiah, displeased at the news, tears into the diminutive scientist,

“Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave!” *pause* “With a box of scraps!”

So why is this line so great?

The Pause

When writing the line above, i took part authoritative license. The line is, “Tony Stark to be able to build this in a cave! with a crate of scraps!” yet anyone that sees the scene, and also subsequently hears this line, knows that there is an all-powerful pause in the middle of the heat that makes it a line worth remembering.

The pause alters the analysis of the line. Rather of becoming a reality of frustration, the pause emphasizes just how seething Obadiah was. He is therefore blinded by fury that as he is yelling at this pathetic scientist, that can’t even remember every the factors why the scientist should be able to replicate what distinguishable did. The the perfect representation of what yelling does to us. Us speak in stops and starts, we remember an ext reasons why we are upset, and also hop earlier into the tirade. So Stane is indignant that Stark to be able to do this in a cave. 

And on height of that! he only had scraps with which to execute it!


The human body Language

Obi is a huge dude. And also the edge of the camera because that this line, and also the means he stands and also confronts the scientist is around as menacing as it gets.

As the scientists begins talking, Stane whips his fit coat open and also stands, dealing with the camera, through hands on hips, the picture of power, dominance. And then, once he delivers the line, the leans end the scientist, bending him ago at a 45-degree angle, jabbing a special finger right into his hole chest. He is not just angry, he is violent, and also he is powerful. And every one of that power and violence is imbued right into this line.

The Rhythm

I imagine the temptation when provided a line to yell is to rush v it linearly. Yet Bridges is too great for that. As detailed above, the pause shows a patience to his anger, a enjoy of just just how frustrated that is at all the means this instance shouldn’t it is in going the method it is. However also, he draws out some of the words. “Tony STAARK, had the ability to BUUIILD this in a CAAAVE! through a BOOX that SCRAAAPS!!” 

The cadence is just around perfect, and also the rhythm provides it impossible for civilization not to leave the theater and mutter the quote under your breath, trying to gain it simply right.

The revolve Around

This component might be a tad overdramatic, however the basic menace makes it acceptable. Obadiah Stane doesn’t just yell this line, v his hand in the scientist’s chest and his challenge inches far from the scientist’s face. He likewise wheels about in order to carry out it, sending out his coat and tie flying in the process. It to be so abrupt, cut his prey off from continuing speaking, and also showing Stain’s short fuse. His master setup wasn’t going follow to plan, and he might need to start acquiring his hands dirty.

In some methods this marks a ‘turning’ point for the character. Breaking out of the capitalist-business strategy to outdoing Tony Stark and also needing to rotate to the combative aggression that provides a Marvel villain.


We watch both sides to Stain in this scene. Prior to he turns around, that is heavy-handedly trying to obtain his scientists to develop what he needs built to create what he wants to create. When he transforms around, he i do not care an embodiment that the anger and also violence the he will count on to gain ahead. This side of him no unexpected but was a bit startling.

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The Retort

This solidification process as a villain fairly than simply a poor guy happens after the scientist responds, “I’m sorry. I’m not Tony Stark.”

It is that own an excellent line, solidifying the genius the the first Avenger and additionally pushing Stain over the edge. This line is the final convincer that Stain no trying to get over science or company or anything in ~ the bounds of his profession. He is trying to overcome Tony Stark. And also the rivalry is borne, and also Stain should take the fight come Iron Man.