Toys “R” Us significant its triumphant return to the USby opened its first new keep at a location in Paramus, new Jersey.

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PARAMUS, N.J. (CNN) – playthings “R” Us marked its triumphant return to the united state on Wednesday by opened its very first new store at a ar in Paramus, new Jersey.

Kids and parents deserve to visit the revamped toy shopping endure at the Westfield Garden State Plaza, wherein they’ll uncover an in-store tree residence (with a doorbell, of course), a reading space, and also a cinema, follow to CNN affiliate News 12 brand-new Jersey.

Toys “R” us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe presided end a ribbon cut ceremony opening the store to the public Wednesday morning.

The new brick-and-mortar store unveiling comes 2 years after toys “R” united state filed because that bankruptcy and shuttered end 700 the its stores.

Since then, the brand’s new parent company, Tru Kids, has actually been tough at job-related revamping the toy seller’s look and feel. Instead of pack shelves of toys, brands will be able “design practice experiences and also branded shops to aid them produce memorable experiences for parents and children,” Tru youngsters said.

The new experience-based initiative method the store has actually less playthings to buy on the spot than in previous years. Instead, in-store technology allows parental to buy from a large stock of toys online.

“This store has about 1,500 items, however through the technology in the store, you can buy over 15,000 items today,” said Richard Barry, president and CEO of Tru youngsters to News 12.

Reimagining the toy-buying experience

The agency announced in July that it would certainly return to pick malls in significant cities throughout the holiday season, start with two stores in brand-new Jersey and also Texas.

The new stores will certainly be smaller, but more engaging, the agency says, offering fewer playthings than your predecessors however providing more interactive experiences.

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Created through b8ta, a firm that draft interactive and technology-focused retail locations, the store intends to carry out kids with hand-operated play and also opportunities to shot the playthings for themselves.

“We recognize that customers love shopping together a method of entertainment. That’s something developed into the DNA of human being beings,” Richard Barry previously called CNN Business. “We also know kids and families are trying to find things to perform on the but on the weekend or when school’s out. We know parents and families really worth play and also the worth of toys overall. As we thought about the strategy, we wanted to placed all those points together.”