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"Buzz, look at an Alien" is a memorable quote uttered through the character Woody in the 1995 computer-generated animated film Toy Story. Online, the step in which Woody speak the line has actually been offered in YouTube Poop remix videos and also image macros.


On April 25th, 1995, the movie Toy Story premiered in the joined States.<1> In the film, the personality Woody tricks Buzz into thinking the there to be an extraterrestrial behind his ago by yelling, "Buzz, look an alien!"

On may 31st, 2009, YouTuber posted a variation of the scene, remixing the Toy Story footage with footage from the film Alien. The post received much more than 48,000 see in a small over 10 year (shown below).


On might 19th, 2010, YouTuber avojaifnot<2> mutual a remix that featured the Can"t Beat wait Man! music. Within 10 years, the video clip received more than 2.3 million views (shown below, left).

Five years later, the YouTube account EpicLBPTime common a remix that the video clip using the aesthetics the the video game Little huge Planet. Within 5 years, the post received more than 10 million see (shown below, right).

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<1> Wikipedia – Toy Story

<2> YouTube – avojaifnot"s Channel

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