The retailer could be opened stores in Virginia again currently that a bankruptcy auction has actually been canceled, court records say.

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Elizabeth Janney, spot Staff


VIRGINIA — The defunct playthings R us chain soon might come back to life, but it"s unsure how plenty of of the retailer"s Virginia locations — if any type of — could reopen. The retailer filed court records this week that canceled a bankruptcy auction of the playthings R united state brand name and also other intellectual property assets, including Geoffrey the Giraffe.

The company"s height lenders felt the its bids in the auction were insufficient and also "not reasonably most likely to yield a remarkable alternative," follow to documents filed v the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for The Eastern ar of Virginia. The goal currently is to produce a "newly established, live independence U.S. Business, including, without limitation, expected growth of employment," court documents state.

Instead, lenders are considering a reorganization arrangement that would certainly permit a new Toys R Us and also Babies R Us firm to usage the company"s name and also other assets come relaunch, The wall Street journal reported.

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Geoffrey LLC, i m sorry handles toys R us trademarks and other pundit property, authorize a press release Tuesday stating the it was actively working through "potential partners to build ideas for new Toys R Us and also Babies R united state stores in the unified States and also abroad that could bring back these iconic brand in a new and re-imagined way."

The move comes month after hundreds of Toys R united state workers shed their work when stores across Virginia and the joined States ultimately closed after a year-long battle to save the stores open.

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Despite the efforts from billionaire CEO Isaac Larian, playthings R us did no accept his bid to save 274 U.S.-based stores and also the thousands of tasks they support.

Larian would likewise have maintained the company"s headquarters open in brand-new Jersey as part of the bid, CNN Money reported recently. Between 7,000 come 10,000 tasks would have been conserved if the headquarters and stores continued to be open.

Toys R us filed because that Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September and also announced march 15 it would certainly close or sell every one of its 735 U.S. Stores, consisting of in Virginia. Overall, around 31,000 people were meant to lose their jobs.

The bankruptcy filing came amid slumping sales and mounting debt, which flourished to about $5 billion. The once-popular chain challenged increasing competition native Amazon, Walmart and Target. The chain was set to close about 180 of its stores, or around 20 percent.

A federal bankruptcy judge ruled so late last year that toys R Us might pay 17 executives around $14 million in impetus bonuses if it hits a particular earnings amount. Attorneys representing the agency argued the the bonuses would help executives emphasis on increasing sales during the previous holiday season.

Toys R Us began liquidating inventory in ~ 170 of shop nationwide, consisting of in Virginia, in February.

The company began "winding down" operations in ~ its continuing to be U.S. Stores about six mainly later.

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These were the playthings R Us areas in Virginia:

AlexandriaBaileys CrossroadsChantillyCharlottesvilleChesapeakeColonial HeightsDanvilleFairfaxFalls ChurchFredericksburgLynchburgManassasMidlothianNewport NewsNorfolkRichmondRoanokeSpringfieldSterlingVirginia BeachWinchesterWoodbridge

— through reporting by editors Dan Hubbard, Kara Seymour and also Eric Heyl.

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