Eating a pomegranate is such a unique experience. ThePunica granatum"s insides don"t resemble any type of other usual fruit. The husk component is bejeweled v dozens of tiny red seeds. Popping the little red morsels out with a spoon deserve to be tedious, however the crunch and the unique sweet-tart berry-esque flavor make it so worth it.

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I"m not also sure just how you"d juice a pomegranate. The seeds space such a small portion of the entire fruit, and even those are greatly a starchy white material coated with something slick and juicy. Castle must simply crush all the seeds and then strain out the starchy pulp..? That"s just a guess. Considering how tiresome it is to eat pomegranate, it need to be even an ext laborious to juice one.
Fortunately, we don"t need to juice the fruit ourselves. Every we have to do is drink it. But even that might not be basic for some.
Upon an initial opening the bottle, there was a whiff of something virtually beet-ish. I"m no a pan ofplain beet juice, so it to be a little off-putting. I poured a glass each for Sonia and also me.
The taste of the beverage is something an ext in the direction that cranberry, at least at first. It"s sweet and sour—tart enough to make you pucker. Increase front, theflavor seems pleasant enough to me, however just a moment later, the finish hits you with a tide of dry bitterness that"s hard to describe and also not particularly palatable to me or the wifey. It"s a biting, caustic significance that can potentially mar any kind of element that enjoyment that might have developed just a second or two prior.

In my opinion, the astringent aftertaste doesn"t completely ruin the experience. Yet if friend ask Sonia, she"ll say otherwise. She noped the end after simply a few sips.
I"ve managed to consume in ~ least half the bottle on this warm August Sunday afternoon. Contrasted to other more prevalent fruit juices, it"s not an especially refreshing or chuggable. Both Sonia and I uncover it significantlyless safe and clean than POM Wonderful. I"m thinking of it as a unique non-alcoholic red wine intended to be offered chilled—a pick strain native the vineyard that I simply don"t quite "get" yet. I keep drinking it thinking it"ll flourish on me. That wouldn"t it is in the first beverage that was unappealing to me initially however slowly came to be a staple in my refrigerator over time.

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As the stands now, i think I"ll walk with three stars. ~ all, it"s organic and also full that antioxidants. I"m picking to watch it as an adventure, and an experience—much choose the eat of pomegranate seeds. Sonia provides it 2 stars, stating the the aftertaste simply ruins it for her.
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