FORT MADISON — The Tri-State Rodeo will be ago for that is 73rd year, v five of the six musical artists announced in 2020 rescheduled because that the 2021 rodeo. 

The event will open up Sept. 8. 

Tickets because that the 73rd Tri-State Rodeo will go on sale at 8 a.m. April 23 virtual at or by contacting the Rodeo Ticket Office.

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In august 2020, organizers had to release the Tri-State Rodeo due come the coronavirus. 

Rapper Nelly and nation music treasures note Chesnutt and David Lee Murphy will perform on the key stage automatically after the rodeo ends each night top top Sept. 9, 10 and 11.

"The rodeo is also very excited come announce the Cole Swindell has been added as the Saturday night headliner this year," said Tony Johnson, the Tri-State Rodeo chairman, in a media release sent out Friday. 

There will likewise be entertainment on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the Bud light Stockyard, special Joe Stamm Band and Stumptown ~ the key acts.

“For end 70 years, the Tri-State Rodeo has actually been a yearly gathering for so numerous of us. Year after ~ year we watch generations of households coming in from all over the Midwest (and further) to gain a mainly of tasks in fort Madison, Iowa. It has actually been a difficult year, because that each of us in our own ways. But I wanted to begin this year turn off by saying, on behalf of the Tri-State Rodeo, thank you and we have actually missed you," stated Johnson.

Each night that the rodeo will certainly have unique rodeo and also musical entertainment. 

This year, every night will have actually a theme. Wednesday is the CINCH Chute Out; Thursday is tough Enough to Wear Pink Night; Friday is 90’s country Throwback Night, and also Saturday is army and very first Responder Night.

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The cool Rodeo Parade on avenue G will start at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 11. 

Rodeo organizers claimed they will have more details on this themes and also how the public have the right to get connected coming out over the next several weeks. 

Since 2000, the Tri-State Rodeo has been called as among the nation’s top five largest out rodeos. And ranks an initial among rodeos in the great Lakes Circuit.

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