Move over, Monopoly. McDonald"s has actually a brand-new (and, well, better) video game coming, and also seeing together October is now upon us, the video game is Halloween-themed! "Trick. Treat. Win!" begins this Friday, October 5.

With this game, you have the right to win two different ways: either instantly, by skin off game pieces on part McDonald"s packaging, or in the chain"s app. You have the right to collect entry tokens from game pieces top top the application to get in the day-to-day sweepstakes, giving you a possibility to victory a brand-new prize every day (and the prizes room pretty exciting).

There are three various game pieces: an instant-win food prize video game piece, an prompt win non-food prize game piece, and an entry tokens game piece that participants will use to get in the day-to-day sweepstakes and also final drawing. Each prompt win prize and also entry token has actually a scannable barcode and also unique 12-digit code, and you can get in the password or scan the barcode come claim any kind of instant win prize. You"ll additionally enter the code or scan the barcode on entrance tokens video game pieces in order to deposit lock in your Entry Tokens web page in your application or on McDonald"s website.

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You can get a video game piece on specially marked packaging for many McDonald"s food selection items, including a medium warm McCafe, medium fountain beverage or iced tea, Filet-O-Fish sandwich, quarter Pounder through cheese, 10 item McNuggets, and McMuffin sandwiches, among others. Bespeak big—20 piece McNuggets and large fries—will gain you two video game pieces.


To attain two game pieces there is no buying anything from McDonald"s, you should mail a legibly handwritten, self-addressed, stamped envelope come this address:

Trick. Treat. Win!

Game at McDonald’s video game Piece Request, P.O. Box 49340

Strongsville, oh 44149-0340

McDonald"s will send two video game pieces in solution to mail-in requests that comply v the video game requirements (you can read with all the details here).

Also, McDonald"s is providing a method for each Trick. Treat. Win! participant to get 20 totally free entry tokens. Use the password 20FREETOKENS because that twenty tokens that have the right to be provided toward the everyday sweepstakes and/or the last drawing.

McDonald"s notes the "the carry of video game Pieces, barcodes or codes by one ineligible human to one eligible human being is strict prohibited." No one wants another syndicate fiasco!

The odds of to win an immediate win prize in the in-restaurant game are approximately 1 in 4, McDonald"s notes, and also most the the prompt win prizes are food prizes. Per the game website, "It is to plan that about 576,567,100 complete Game Pieces will be available for distribution" randomly through the U.S.

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In terms of the day-to-day sweepstakes, each entry token is valid for one entry in the daily sweepstakes (which operation from October 5 come October 31) and also one entry right into the last drawing, which will be top top November 20, 2018. Be certain to store your game pieces because winners may be required to submit the original video game pieces when claiming their prizes.

The prizes because that the game range from McDonald"s food selection items to a beach vacation, and also even a car. McDonald"s is giving movie tickets because that a year, Roku TVs, and gift cards to miscellaneous retailers, among many other prizes. One human will win $50, perform your happy dance and hope because that the best when Trick.Treat.Win! begins this Friday!