Here are 4 means you deserve to fix the Twitch black display screen error

Twitch is a well-known live video streaming organization owned by Amazon, Inc. It was released in 2011, and its main focus is on video game live streaming, music broadcasting, and an innovative content. The content discovered on Twitch deserve to be viewed live or via on-demand video. Twitch climbed to prestige in 2012 and also remains the height streaming platform because that gamers.

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However, countless users have reported that they can’t watch streams, and also all they deserve to see is a black color screen. This problem is well-known and also has been plaguing the communication for part time. Here, us will provide you with proven approaches to solve this issue.


Twitch was designed together a platform for an individual streams of individual players as well as esports tournaments. Currently, the Twitch homepage attributes games based upon viewership. The most famous games streamed top top Twitch space Fortnite, league of Legends, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: an international Offensive, amongst other popular games that lure millions the viewers. Speak of viewers, stop talk about them in more detail.

In October 2013, Twitch had an ext than 45 million unique viewers. Through 2015, Twitch had actually over 100 million viewers per month. Throughout peak web traffic periods, Twitch provides up 1.8% the the full US traffic, i m sorry is impressive. Today, Twitch has around 15 million everyday users.

Due to the popular of the platform, Twitch is supported on many platforms, consisting of mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, and Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Still, many streamers and viewers use Windows-based PCs, but Twitch additionally supports Mac and Linux.

Twitch repetitively updates the platform, adding brand-new features, and also introducing top quality of life enhancements for both streamers and viewers. In 2014 Twitch presented an updated archive mechanism that consisted of multi-platform access to currently highlights, much better video quality, and also increased server backups.

However, in spite of Twitch gift a stable platform with constant updates, Twitch has actually a long-standing worry that causes the video clip stream window to show nothing however a black screen. The chat still works, you deserve to see other users’ profiles and hear audio, however you can’t watch the stream video clip feed. This worry often plagues Android users and Google Chrome users that use the desktop version.

Now, let united state go over the factors that may cause the Twitch black screen problem. Very first of all, your Google Chrome browser’s cache and/or cookies could be corrupted or broken. Second, Hardware acceleration may dispute with an applications or service. Third, the black color screen could be the result of a Twitch server walk down. Fourth, there can be an issue with your IP address, bring about a network issue resulting in the black color screen. Fifth, Twitch requires a specific DNS to run the stream, therefore if her DNS settings have been changed, you obtain the black display screen error. Lastly, your router might block JavaScript or fail come allocate appropriate network configurations.

Fortunately, there are methods you have the right to fix Twitch’s black color screen. However, before you use any kind of of ours guides, try restarting your computer. This will certainly “refresh” the operating system by remove corrupted short-term data that could be resulting in the problem. Also, note that not all of the fixes will job-related for you, so go through the measures of one an approach and examine if it fixes the black screen error. If not, relocate on come the following fix.

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Method 1. Revolve Hardware Acceleration turn off in Google Chrome

If you watch Twitch making use of Google Chrome, climate disable use hardware acceleration when obtainable option.


1. Open Google Chrome and also click the Menu symbol at the optimal right edge of the window.

2. In the drop-down menu, click Settings.


3. In the Settings menu, role down and click Advanced.


4. Scroll down to the bottom again, and also toggle Use hardware acceleration when easily accessible option off.

5. Click the Relaunch button for the transforms to take it effect.

Method 2. Enable Transport Layer defense (TLS)

If TLS has actually been disabled, you won’t be able to watch streams top top Twitch.

1. Hold down Windows+R keys to open Run.

2. Type in Control Panel and click OK.

3. Pick Network and Internet.


4. Click Internet Options.


5. Choose the Advanced tab, tick all TLS options. Then, click Apply and click OK.

Method 3. Set a tradition DNS

1. Host down Windows+R secrets to open Run.

2. Form in Control Panel and also click OK.

3. When in the Control Panel, click Network and Internet.


4. Select Network and also Sharing Center.


5. Click Change adapter settings.


6. Right-click her network device and also select Properties.


7. Select Internet Protocol variation 4 (TCP/IPv4) and also click Properties.


8. Tick the Use the complying with DNS server address, and enter the following addresses:

10. In the Preferred DNS server type in

11. In the Alternate DNS server kind in

12. Click OK to save settings.

13. Restart your PC because that the changes to take effect.

Method 4. Reset Network Configuration

1. Host down Windows+R tricks to open Run.

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2. Kind in CMD and also hold down Shift+Ctrl+Enter tricks to open up the Command prompt with governmental privileges.