Can\"t post your videos come Twitter? acquired errors like \"your media file could no be processed\"? below are the solutions and correct procedures to upload a video to Twitter native phone and desktop.

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Twitter is a real-time information network the connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you uncover interesting. You can additionally tell your story on Twitter via text, pictures and also videos. And embedding a video clip in a Tweet turns out to be what human being prefers most nowadays among all those media types.

Actually, it\"s rather easy to upload videos come Twitter and also there is a straightforward and comprehensive official tutorial page on that reflects you how to article videos to Twitter indigenous mobile and via the web. However, quite a few people have met problems or error messages like \"Your media document could no be processed\" or \"Your media paper is not compatible\" as soon as they tried to upload videos come Twitter. Then why can\"t I post my videos come Twitter? are there any type of limits for Twitter video clip uploading? inspect our complying with guides to resolve your problems.


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2 feasible Reasons because that \"Can\"t Upload video clip to Twitter\"

Generally, there space two main types of Twitter video clip uploading errors. One is led to by Twitter video clip uploading limits, while one more one is as result of slow internet connection. Just how do yo understand which sort of error you are actually in? and what space the solution to settle it? check out on because that details.

Reason 1: Can\"t upload video clip to Twitter due to Internet speed.

If there is no error message, but video clip grays out when you\"re trying come upload a video clip to Twitter, it\"s most likely casued through the slow internet connection. For this, you deserve to refresh the internet page, restart the website, or re-connect the net to have actually a try.

Reason 2: Can\"t post video clip to Twitter due to video clip uploading limits.

If the video document doesn\"t fulfill the twitter video uploading requirements, because that example, the paper size is as well large, the video length is also long, or the video format is no supported, then you will finish up v failure as soon as posting video clip to Twitter. And also the error message may goes favor \"Your media file could not be processed\" or \"Your media record is no compatible\".

According to the official conditions from Twitter, the Twitter video length can be around 0.5s come 140s. That way you could upload video clip to Twitter of approximately 140 secs only. However, if you are choose publisher, friend will be able to continue to post videos as much as 10 minutes lengthy through Twitter\"s experienced publisher tools. And also they right now only support MP4 and MOV video format on cell phone apps. ~ above the web, they only support the MP4 video clip format v H264 layout with AAC audio. What\"s more, you deserve to only upload videos approximately 512MB.

Having the right video clip format is a an excellent place come start, yet it\"s definitely not the just thing the you must be acquisition into factor to consider when creating your video content. Twitter has actually the adhering to technical demands that you must keep in mind, too:

◉ The maximum video file size is 512MB, however your videos can\"t be much more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. Make sure that both the these needs are met. If the paper size is too big, Twitter won\"t accept the upload, and if the video is too long you\"ll be compelled to edit it.◉ The best Twitter video resolution is 1920 x 1200, if the minimum is 32 x 32. Friend should constantly opt for as close come the best resolution as you can, due to the fact that it will median a higher quality video clip and a better experience for her viewers.◉ The maximum Twitter video clip frame rate is 40 fps, which most video editors will stick to on your own.◉ element ratios variety from 1:2.39 to 2.39:1. Opting for strong aspect ratios will allow you come maximize the quantity of room your video can take it up on the platform, and the enlarge the better. More visibility means more views and also hopefully more engagement.

Apparently, friend can\"t upload 4K video clip to Twitter. Only HD video clip under 40 fps is accpetable, i beg your pardon also method your extreme sports clips videotaped with GoPro or DJI drones in ~ 60/120/240 FPS won\"t be able to be posted on Twitter. And according come our test, MP4 HEVC is not sustained neither.

That way if you want to upload video clip to Twitter successfully, you have to make sure your videos are in accordance v the above conditions. If not, you\"ll have to encode, compress and cut the videos to match with Twitter video uploading requirements.

How come Cut, Compress or convert Videos for Uploading to Twitter

To prepare videos for uploading come Twitter, girlfriend can adopt video clip Converter for help. This regime is a entirely clean, fast and also multi-function video clip software tool with video clip editing device box and video clip converter built in. That can assist you quick encode/re-encode practically all common and also uncommon video formats like MKV, VOB, MKV, AVI, MP4, HEVC, MOV, M3U8, etc. To Twitter compatible MP4 (codec: h.264+aac) if keeping terrific output quality.

Moreover, you can easily readjust the resolutions, little bit rates, codecs, etc. The the output video to mitigate the final document size. And also its built-in video clip editor permits you to trim video length, reduced off undesirable parts, add movie water, adjust video effect, etc. Come touch up your videos for effectively uploading to Twitter. What\"s more, you can even add external .srt, .ass, .ssa subtitles come your video clip to makeyour videos easily accessible to a larger audience.

To start with, you have to download and also install video clip Converter home windows or Mac version on your computer. The guide listed below takes the Windows variation for one example. Mac version has actually the same process.

free Download for windows 10 or lower free Download 64-bit installer because that MacOS ※ because that macOS 10.14 or lower, you can likewise Download 32-bit installer below ↓

Step 1. Income your video clip file

Launch video Converter, then click Add Video switch to import the source video record you failed to upload to Twitter. \"Dragging and droppping\" works too.


Step 2. Pick MP4 as the output profile for Twitter

Click Profile bar and move computer mouse cursor to Common Video, then click and also select MP4 (codec: h.264+aac) together the output format which deserve to be well embraced by Twitter.


Step 3. Cut and trim your video to reduce video length

Twitter has a maximum video clip length the 140 secs for common users. Therefore, if your video clip length is much longer than 2 minutes and also 20 seconds, you deserve to use video clip Converter\"s trim duty to reduced the unwanted segments to mitigate the video length to satisfy the time limitation the Twitter video uploading. To carry out this, simply click Edit button and also swith come Trim tab to get the project done. For an ext details, you deserve to refer to the user guide of trimming video >>.

As friend see, other video clip editing functions like adding image or text watermark, cropping video clip size, adjusting video effect and also rotating video, etc. Room provided. As soon as you\"ve done the modifying well, click OK come confirm and you\"ll go back to the program\"s major interface.


Step 4. Tweak video audio parameters come reduce file size

Besides the video clip length, there are likewise limits on file size, bitrate, frame rate, etc. video Converter\"s clever compression algorithm can automatically settle the encoding setups to carry down the file size while maintaining the destruction of photo quality come its minimum. You can click Settings button and then you\"ll get accessibility to the panel where you can adjust bit rate, framework rate, and also other parameters.


Step 5. Resize and convert your video clip to the ideal format for Twitter

Click the small Folder switch (located in the calculation bar) to select a target folder to save the convert video. After ~ all things done, hit Convert button to begin the compressing and also conversion.

How come Upload and also Share Videos ~ above Twitter from PC/Mobile

As stated above, the main has provided an detailed guide on how to acquire the project done. The point is, there are no pictures. For this reason it could not be the intuitive for part people. To make the steps much easier to follow, here we will help you learn just how to upload a video to Twitter with pictures.

How to article a video clip to Twitter indigenous PC?

1. Go straight to the Twitter webpage by clicking right here Sign in through your exclusive account.3. Find the write box at the peak of the page and also click the Gallery (Media) button.


4. In the pop-up window, go to your media paper folder, pick a video, and also click open to get it loaded.5. Add some words, select a emoji come express her feeling, and set Who can reply.6. Merely press the button Tweet and also your videos need to be uploaded come Twitter seconds or minutes later.

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How to write-up a video to Twitter indigenous mobile (iPhone)?

1. Cost-free get Twitter app installed from application Store on your iPhone.2. Open the software, authorize up and also log in.3. This time tap the Tweet icon, which is details in Twitter cell phone apps.4. Again, click the gallery symbol to browser to pick a video.5. Then press Tweet to end up uploading your videos come Twitter.


Final Words:

In this article, we have present you the correct means to prepare video and post video to Twitter. If you have any other questions or problems related to this topic, you re welcome feel cost-free to tell us, and also we will update them as soon as possible. BTW, we have also prepared a similar topic for Instagram. If you feeling intrested in it, please click here.