Anyone else skilled this? i am a lengthy term member the (7 year member, have actually bought successfully in 1st group for the last 3 tours) yet my 2015 membership had lapsed. Signed up because that 2017 membership before announcement, to be a member critical year together I gained the - however am no being shown as a "wires" / brand-new subscriber. Have emailed customer service - no response yet together they are probably slammed.

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Any details would be great!!



Posted January 9, 2017



Posted January 9, 2017

I"m in the same boat. To be a member since 1987. Shown a member through fanfire since 2007. I obtained behind on mine membership. That expired in Sept 2016. Ns renewed after the Christmas video. Therefore now due to the fact that of a three month lapse, ns guess I"m a brand-new member? I average I"m human? i made a mistake? Does mine 30 years of membership no count for a lapse? to add as shortly as that video clip came out ns renewed! I"m 46 years old, and have 2 kids, work, sorry however I guess for 3 months friend weren"t my optimal priority and now I"m paying a price. Ugh.


And ns swear i let my membership lapse in off tour years before and also it never did noþeles to my very senior citizen status.


Ugh, I have actually a call and an immediate escalation v Fanfire and also an email. I"m walk to monitor up.


If anyone have the right to help, I"ll take it.


Out of our hands... You can contact the customer organization (either via the contact kind or via phone, info on the help page ---> define your instance to watch if you deserve to be reinstated to the other group...


I know, I"m just bummed. And also sad. I"ve been a member for so long. Here"s my bad attempt at acquiring"s attention on this. I understand it"s useless. Quiet I believed you all could get a kick the end of this old form.

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