BELTON, Texas- girlfriend may have seen ours commitment tracker, keeping you up-to-date on latest student-athletes to commit come UMHB. On Wednesday, numerous of those commits signed through the Cru, making your commitment official. All sports other than for soccer were permitted to authorize as part of the NCAAs loss signing day.

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BELTON, Texas- The UMHB women’s basketball team go 1-1 ~ above the mainly to open up the 2021-22 season, beating Rhodes before falling to Trinity.

True come The Cru photographer Russell Marwitz to be courtside because that Sunday’s contest versus Trinity, capturing all the action. Below are numerous of his high-quality photos indigenous the contest.

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November 9, 2021 Luke C. Zayas

BELTON, Texas- The UMHB women’s basketball team went 1-1 in the season-opening weekend, defeating Rhodes university 73-72, before falling come Trinity 74-61 ~ above Sunday.

ue to The Cru videographer Luke C. Zayas was at Sunday’s game and also captured all the action, consisting of some of the Cru’s finest shots, several of which room featured below.

UMHB women’s basketball loser 10-point lead in 74-61 loss to Trinity

BELTON, Texas- A lack of rebounds, 16 turnovers and also lack of technique defensively spelled the very first loss of the season because that the UMHB women’s basketball team top top Sunday evening, as Trinity (TX) deserve a 74-61 success over the previously 1-0 Crusaders. 

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UMHB women’s basketball edge Rhodes in last minute of season opener, 73-72

November 7, 2021 Riley Zayas

BELTON, Texas- inert can readjust ever so conveniently in the video game of basketball. That was no more evident than in the final minute of Saturday night’s women’s basketball season opener, a 73-72 win for UMHB end Rhodes. 

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With tremendous depth, UMHB women’s basketball faces two top-tier adversaries in season-opening weekend

BELTON, Texas- UMHB head women’s basketball coach mark Morefield does no shy far from scheduling a difficult non-conference schedule. 

Even v D-III women’s basketball minimal to just five non-conference games this season, the did not stop the head coach from putting together what can be one of the toughest opened weekends of any type of team in the south Region.