Fire pole are generally quite reputable nowadays, and anyone who doesn’t clearly hasn’t supplied the an initial generation that Fire TV. It’s much improved with small tweaks here and also there to provide a far better overall experience.

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But there space still hitches and also problems with Fire TV sometimes, similar to pretty lot any type of streaming device. One worry that’s been reported is the the Fire pole won’t upgrade no issue what girlfriend do. This can occur also on brand brand-new sticks, and also it can be nice frustrating.

Here’s a few things that you can do if you’re having actually update troubles with your Fire TV stick.

Fire rod won’t update? Here’s a few things to try

Before running v the factors that you might not have the ability to complete an update, let’s inspect the basics first. One of the most usual reasons the this sort of difficulty is the you’re actually doing not have the volume on your an equipment to complete it.

Updates can be quite big, and they have the right to take a lot of of room for you come download. If you don’t have sufficient an are on her Fire stick, climate you won’t have the ability to properly finish it.

You usually need at least 500MB to carry out an update, and a straightforward Fire stick will only be 8GB in size, with only 5-6GB usable because that storage. So, examine this before you continue, and remove a few apps if friend must.

If you execute have sufficient space, climate there’s clear something else at play. Let’s see what else might be causing your issue.

Make certain you’re associated to wi-fi

The first thing we’re going to examine is that you’re linked to the net properly. If you aren’t, climate you’ll still watch the option to update your Fire stick, but the update won’t in reality work.

You can discover out if you’re connected to the internet by going into your settings. Once you’re in there, walk to the Network option. Once you’re in Network, you deserve to press the Play switch on her remote regulate to discover out whether you’re properly connected to the internet or not.

If you’re not, then there’s clear a an easy fix here. Ensuring you’ve obtained a solid wifi connection is the very first thing we have to do. Miscellaneous you deserve to do if you’re not sure whether the upgrade is concerned your wifi is to shot using her phone as a mobile hotspot.

This can help you work out if the link with her wi-fi is the problem, or it’s in reality a trouble with her hardware.

Double check your range

Not only do you have to be associated to the wi-fi, but you also need to have the ability to get a solid signal. If girlfriend can’t, climate this deserve to stop friend from being able to complete an update.

Making certain that her Fire stick is within a particular distance of your router is a an excellent idea. You can likewise switch it end to an additional HDMI port as well to watch if this renders a difference.

There’s a little possibility that there might be another device interfering v your Fire stick. That all counts on the wifi band the you’re using, yet potentially another streaming device or also a cordless phone could be causing a problem.

Restart her Fire stick

If your Fire stick is saying that you’re associated to your residence wi-fi and you quiet can’t update it, then it’s most likely there’s an problem with the software on her device.

Usually, the an initial point of speak to with any kind of problems v the software program is to make sure that it’s updated. However what carry out you do once you can’t upgrade the software?

Well, an initial we’re going to reset the Fire stick. If you have actually a many data on there, then a soft reset will be best. If there’s nothing of prominence on this device, then try a factory reset instead, together this is more thorough.

Reset your router

Although her Fire stick may say that it’s linked to her wi-fi, the doesn’t necessarily average that your wi-fi is functioning fine.

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You can additionally go ahead and reset your wi-fi router too. There might be an error with its capability to affix to the internet, i beg your pardon is avoiding you from completing an update.

There’s no require for girlfriend to execute a complete pinhole reset on her router – simply unplugging it for a few seconds and then switching it ago on should be enough.