whereby To discover Benedict Cumberbatch's valve Gogh digital (Netflix, Hulu, Prime) In 2010, Benedict Cumberbatch came to be the latest actor to play Vincent valve Gogh in Painted v Words. Here’s just how to clock the BBC docudrama online.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Painted with Words
Here’s exactly how to clock Benedict Cumberbatch playing renowned artist Vincent van Gogh in Van Gogh: Painted through Words digital – including whether the docudrama is obtainable to stream v Netflix, Hulu or Prime. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch might be finest known for playing famous fictional personalities like the titular detective in BBC’s Sherlock or Dr. Strange in the MCU, however he’s played a lot of real-life people during his job too. In fact, Cumberbatch is practically the go-to brother actor once it come to casting biographical roles.

His performance as renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in the BBC TV movie Hawking earn Cumberbatch a BAFTA nomination, when his rotate as fellow British genius Alan Turing in The Imitation Game earned that a best Actor nomination nod in ~ the Oscars. He’s likewise played inventor thomas Edison, WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange and also – most recently – the titular English artist in The electrical Life the Louis Wain. Wain no the very first artist Cumberbatch played onscreen, however, as back in 2010 he illustrated legendary Dutch painter Vincent valve Gogh in the BBC drama-documentary Painted through Words.

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Painted through Words bring away a deep dive into the life of the talented yet troubled artist by method of a series of letter van Gogh penned come his younger brother Theo. It’s presented by former BBC creative director Alan Yentob, who co-adapted valve Gogh’s letter for docudrama through director Andrew Hutton. Yentob’s narration is interspersed v dramatic scenes the star Benedict Cumberbatch providing an impassioned performance together the torture genius and features Jamie Parker (1917) as Theo van Gogh and also Aidan McArdle as French artist Paul Gauguin, a close friend of the brothers. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to clock Painted v Words online.

when Painted with Words isn’t currently in the Netflix or Hulu libraries, the Vincent van Gogh drama is accessible to watch v Amazon Prime for subscribers that have the Britbox add-on (which prices $6.99 every month). Britbox individuals can also watch the docudrama straight via the streaming organization which is available in the U.S., U.K, Canada, Australia or south Africa and also boasts lots of various other British reflects in that catalog. Helpfully, director Andrew Hutton additionally uploaded the docudrama come his Vimeo channel whereby it have the right to be watched because that free.

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Van Gogh: Painted through Words is by no way the an initial van Gogh’s life has actually been dramatized, no one is Cumberbatch the an initial or last actor to portray the legendary artist. Kirk Douglas play Vincent van Gogh in the 1956 movie Lust because that Life and also he’s additionally been played by Tim Roth in Vincent & Theo and Tony Curran in Doctor Who. Most recently, Willem Dafoe take it on the role for 2018"s At Eternity’s Gate.