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Warning: This story is about an incident that is distressing.

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A expert League the Legends player has been fired from his team, after he to be accused that beating up his girlfriend and also inadvertently livestreaming the incident.

Chinese player Li Wei Jun, better known as "Vasilii" in the gaming world, to be on Thursday livestreaming his gameplay of a match, which he proceeded come lose.

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His girl friend is heard in the background telling him not to shed his temper, especially during a livestream where numerous fans would be city hall him.

"I told you no to speak in together a manner. You have a difficulty you know, you keep losing your temper," she says.

At this point, he proceeds chatting v her, while complaining about a gamer from a competitor team.


Credit: 死亡宣告_Vasilii/weibo

"He drives me insane," Vasilii deserve to be heard saying.

"Just block him. You can block him next time. He"s additionally streaming you know, you"ll watch stupid ."

At this point, Vasilii flies right into a rage. He have the right to be watched flipping his desk, presumably sending his webcam flying, despite it quiet manages to audibly capture and broadcast what"s walk on in the background.

Warning: This video contains distressing footage.

"F*ck you! F*ck her mum! are you searching for a beating? execute you think I"ll death you?" the 6"4 (193cm) tall player begins shouting, as his girlfriend can be heard screaming in the background, including what sounds prefer someone being hit.

"What did you average by what girlfriend said simply now?" he continues shouting.

"I claimed it to assist you. Have I ever tried to damage you? friend beat me over this?" she says, with sobs.

His ongoing shouts can be heard in the background, till the video clip suddenly walk silent.

Moments later, the camera"s place is moved again, presumably after ~ he starts putting his things back, and also he is soon seen in former of the camera together he calmly begins another game.

According to the Beijing News, police were informed of the incident and also arrived at the player"s doorstep, however did not carry him in because that questioning.

The 23-year-old player later posted a condition on Chinese social media website Weibo, saying "Why does nobody pay attention to my strengths? You only like to clock me once I"m act something rash?"


Credit: weibo

The status was deleted shortly after, however not before attracting a present of criticism, where many followers stated he was "shameless" and clearly unapologetic around hitting his girlfriend.

The video clip of the event has likewise gone viral, with the word "Vasilii" being debated some 32 million times on Weibo.

The incident was likewise later choose up through e-sports fans throughout the globe.

Tweet may have been deletedTweet may have actually been deleted

I understand he's obtained a reputation for break keyboards and also flipping desks, however this is the first I've heard the him taking it THIS far.

— CaptainFlowers (
CaptainFlowers2) October 27, 2017
Tweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deleted

His league of Legends team, Newbee, later on posted on facebook that they had actually terminated his contract for "committing plot of violence."


A tweet from previously last year also claims to show the damages Vasilii walk in the incident.

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Tweet may have been deleted

Vasilii had previously this year likewise issued a statement to pan saying he was play poorly as result of "sensual pleasures" and also was briefly replaced on the team.

According to the All-China Women"s Federation, 1 in 4 Chinese women have actually experienced domestic abuse.

The country adopted its very first ever bill against domestic violence in 2016, however critics speak the law fails to deter criminals together the penalties are too light.

If you want to talk to who or are experiencing domestic violence, call the National domestic Violence Hotline in ~ 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224. 

UPDATE: Nov. 23, 2017, 6:01 p.m. SGT A previous variation of this story stated that the player had abused his girlfriend, this has now to be corrected