"Talk come me about Macedonia," Dr. Phil prompts Wade. "I to be deployed come Macedonia in the center to late 90s," that explains.Wade states he was working for the joined Nations and had a two-week leave. "I went downtown with my rifle squad, visited a bar, had quite a little bit to drink, which to be par because that the course. I was talk to a young lady there, and everything was

going well. After maybe an hour or so, a young other showed up, started, I"m assuming, cursing at her. It remained in a different language. Claimed a couple of things to me, and they left. I wasn"t all set for the conversation come end. I adhered to them out of the club, end to the car. She was gaining in one side. Ns walked up. I said something come her. She turned and also slapped me, and also I punched she in the face and also later knocked her out. He came around the back of the car after me.I win him. I deserve to only assume i beat him come death.I threw she over the wall surface outside, and I beat her to death. It"s favor I woke up, realized what happened. Ns tried CPR. Ns tried mouth-to-mouth. There to be nothing I might do. I got scared. I didn"t understand what rather to do, so ns took she body over to the river and also threw the in the river." "So you have actually no doubt you killed those 2 people," Dr. Phil says.

"I don"t have actually the other finishing to that story, no," the says.

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"Are you a threat to her wife?" Dr. Phil asks him."My medical professional at the VA doesn"t thinkit"s a good idea for me to go residence yet," go says.


"These space the events that that told you about, correct?" Dr. Phil asks Michelle.

"Yes," she says. Dr. Phil asks Wade, "And when you told her around these, go you come to be sexually aroused?" "When ns told her around them, no, i did not become sexually aroused," walking says. "When i told she originally, I wanted to create a letter, saying whereby the body was, not admitting or transforming myself in in any way, but at least saying where the body to be so they can find this person, soher family can know, therefore it might be done. And also Michelle turn around and said that she would aid me move the body, and also that, it shocked me at first. Ns honestly believed the very first night i told her, she to be going to speak to and also I to be going to walk to jail. As soon as she stated that, it made me feel good. It made me understand that she love me. It made me feeling strong, and it make me feel a much better connection to her. That"s why I obtained turned on. That"s why I want to it is in intimate with her. The truly felt prefer unconditional love."

Michelle explains, "I to be talking through the FBI about " i was obtaining advice to help me think of some points to say to him, to produce a connection with him, to check out if he would say more, if that felt an ext at ease, if i was OK through it. And that"s why I carried up the conversation of moving the body, which to be " i felt prefer throwing up, and also he felt like having actually sex. I"m having actually a hard time knowledge that. Him even sitting here, informing you this story about being the end there is off. Some things are kind of off and changed from what that told me. I don"t know that." "Why, after ~ hearing these atrocities, would you background a restraining bespeak to keep him far from you and your children?" Dr. Phil asks Michelle. "After the incident happened when I went into the hospital, he had come over, and he could"ve just, if he want me dead ...He could"vekilled me," she says.

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Dr. Phil speak Wade, "She has said that you have actually become an extremely aggressive during these sexual encounters, which doing to draw more information out of , to the point that she had to pull your hands from approximately her neck. Is the true?"


Wade pauses. That looksat his wife. "When you were doing this to me, through Trimarco"s advice, once he thought I was this estranged serial killer that was going to kill you and also the family, and he wasn"t smart sufficient to take you the end of the house, when you to be doing this by his advice to get an ext information out of me, you to be the one that wanted to play those games. You to be the one that instigated the instances we to be in. Ns didn"t instigate those. Ns didn"t like it. I got physically ill ~ the one time, if you remember. I

didn"t prefer it. The wasn"t my idea. It to be his ******* idea best there," walking says, pointing at Jack in the audience. "It wasn"t my idea. I"m not the one that instigated it." "You have to calm down," Michelle speak him, and Wade looks in ~ the floor.

"Did you gain aggressive with her throughout sex and also does that problem you?" Dr. Phil asks Wade. "We role-played, and I did acquire aggressive. I know I did," walking says. "And ns didn"t like the game we were playing. Ns didn"t favor what was happening, however it did walk on, that did happen, and also it does issue me."


Michelle asks her husband, "So that night that you got hold of me and threw me down to the floor, and I was telling you to leaving me alone, to knock it off, and afterward you said, ‘Oh, girlfriend weren"t playing?" and I said, ‘Jesus, Wade, no, i wasn"t playing. Ns told friend to leaving me alone." That"s role-playing to you?" Dr. Phil asks, "Did you create a game? to be you role-playing? were you saying, ‘Let"s pretend, let"s fantasize, let"s live the end a fantasy"?"

"The first time, no," Michelle says. "The second time, he wanted to role-play a rape."

"What?" walking asks her. "No! You wanted to! You brought it up."Dr. Phil says, "Bottom heat is friend don"t want to hurt her family." "No, i don"t," that says. "You don"t want to pains Michelle or your children foremost, past anyone else, right? That"s the last point you want to do is ache somebody, and if you are a hazard to lock in any type of way, climate you want to know that, right?" Dr. Phil asks. "Yes," go says.