In battle thunder bombers deserve to be boosted to bring bigger bombs. Yet sometimes larger bombs method a smaller total explosive mass.

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For instance on the Italian BR.20 DR you can take 4*250kg rather 12*100kg.It is an innovation in the research study tree however to me acquisition the large bombs seems worse than the tiny ones.


I would have less explosive massive if I desire to bomb bases and also it would be more an overwhelming to bomb a lengthy line the vehicles, so is there any type of benefits in acquisition these larger bombs ?


This is probably an ext important when attacking player-controlled soil targets (i.e in soil RB/SB fairly than in Air), but: enlarge bombs have actually bigger AoE, so you don"t should be as accurate when attacking a moving armoured target, like a heavy tank or TD. For example, you have to drop a 100kg bomb appropriate on peak of a Tiger to take it it out, but a 500kg bomb have the right to take one out as soon as detonated part 5 meters away - beneficial both if you walk for a short release through a delayed fuse, or autumn from significant altitude. It additionally makes it feasible to kill several lightly-armoured targets v a solitary bomb. And, as SGR pointed out in a comment to your question, if you"re under fire that is faster (and therefore safer) come drop four bombs than shot to get all 12 bombs on target.


This counts on her strat for the bombing. If you know you are an exact with your bombs and you feeling you space able to gain them off in time, take it the enlarge bombs. However, if you room having problems with accuracy or want to bomb vehicles together you said, I would recommend medium-small bombs. I would certainly not use those from altitude though.


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