Dave Navarro\"s respect because that the art and culture of tattooing makes him perfect because that host and judge of squid Master. Through his six-string skills best described as a merger in between heavy metal, psychedelia, and contemporary rock, Navarro is one of alternative rock\"s an initial true etc heroes. Ideal known together the guitarist for Jane\"s Addiction, the band recently released their highly anticipated new album The an excellent Escape Artist.

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Chris Nunez sit on the Ink master judge\"s panel along with Dave Navarro and also Oliver Peck. Nunez, 38, is the Cuban descent and also grew up in Miami, FL. He gone into into the realm of tattooing after beginning his career together a graffiti artist. In ~ 21, Nunez pack his bags because that a quick trip come Brazil and ended up staying for five years. He then traveled through Europe for three years, which permitted him to job-related with his favourite tattoo artists. The experience expanded both his creative sense and his understanding of tattooing. He was a star and also fan favourite on the well-known tattoo-reality series, \"Miami Ink.\" Nunez is a partner in Ridgeline Empire, a strategic multiplatform content and media corporation, i m sorry operates the subsidiaries squid Skins and Upset Gentlemen and an computer animation studio through two animated collection in development, \"Hoodbrats\" and also \"Toothians.\" the is likewise getting ready to open up a new tattoo venture to it is in based in his hometown that Miami.
Oliver Peck, judge of squid Master, is an artist whose totality life revolves approximately tattooing. He started tattooing once he was just 19 year old in his hometown of Dallas, TX and has perfected his an exact and classic tattooing format making him among the best and also well-known \"old school\" American layout artists. In 2008, Peck inked his way into the Guinness book of world Records as soon as he perfect 415 tattoos of the number 13 in a continually 24-hour period. He is one of the many traveled tattoo artist on the circuit, tattooing anywhere Europe consisting of England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden and also Norway and in the much East, consisting of Japan and also Thailand. Peck is co-owner that Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, TX and the owner the True Tattoo situated in Hollywood, CA.
San Diego, CA Owner, Left Hand black color Tattoo and also Art gallery 20 years\" suffer Flying high in ~ 6 feet 9 inches tall, Turk is a presence in any room. A tattoo veteran of an ext than 20 years, he started tattooing at the age of 20. After farming up in a challenging Southern California neighborhood, Turk learned the prominence of was standing up because that what you think in. No afraid to walk far from a job, his work is a testimony to his strong values -- never compromising in the face of adversity. Crediting his family, including a child with autism, as his main inspiration, Turk is ready to take it his expertise to Ink master where, he\"s hoping, a victory would adjust their lives for the better.
Nashville, TN travel Tattooer/Artist, Branded Tattoo company 6 years\" experience Amanda Boone is who she is: a fun-loving, adrenaline-seeking, Bourbon-drinking girl the end to have actually a an excellent time. A traveling artist who previously operated at shops in Ohio and also Tennessee, Boone now drives the East coast convention circuit in she conversion van. When her choice is neo-traditional, she\"s i was sure she can pull turn off anything thrown at her through her signature solid line work and also bold use of color. A strong personality, Boone plan on being a force to it is in reckoned through on and off the competition stage.
Los Angeles, CA Owner, exclusive studio 2 years\" experience, 2 years apprenticed Angel climbed isn\"t like many 22-year-olds. Having wanted to be a tattoo artist since she to be 10 year old, she\"s since become \"addicted to work.\" as the owner of a private studio, Rose\"s clients seek her out based upon her reputation for impeccable artistry. She pieces have actually a story come tell, as she aims to make people feel something with her attention to detail and also composition. She knows everyone might write she off together an underdog because of she age, however this no-nonsense firecracker has actually something come say come anyone that dares to concern her worth.
Portland, OR Artist, Robot Piercing and also Tattoo 10 years\" experience, 2.5 years apprenticed having actually made it through challenging times in his life, Austin increased has arised as a fighter -- both ~ above the MMA mat and also in the tattoo studio. Behind every the trash-talking is the heart and also soul of a martial artist who desires nothing much more than to win. Currently working in ~ ROBOT Piercing and also Tattoo in Portland, OR, civilization seek climbed out because he\"s an artist through versatility. Even if it is you want realism, traditional, neo-traditional, black-and-gray -- whatever he does, that does it at the highest possible level.
Traveling Artist 14 years\" experienceSeason 7 and 9 Veteran Christian Buckingham comes from a conservative household of Air force officers and always felt favor the \"black sheep\" before he uncovered tattooing. This season, Buckingham is back and & is prepared to tackle anything the the compete throws at him. Coming turn off the heels that an intense competition in Season 9, Buckingham\"s shop do it come the last three yet was eliminated in the finale, unable to confront off in the grasp canvas challenge. Coming earlier after his shocking elimination, that is figured out to command his team to victory this time around. When his past Ink Master contender is his rival as soon as again this season, Buckingham feels he is all set to take house the title through the assistance of his wife, children and grandchildren.
Las Vegas, NV Owner/Artist, gold Skull Tattoo 22 years\" experience Season 5, 7 and 9 Veteran when an Illinois shop owner and also now among the franchise\"s most famous contenders, Cleen absent One has actually his same share that tattoo experience. ~ a destructive loss in \"Shop Wars\" on Season 9, this multi-season veteran is prepared to lastly take what is rightfully his. ~ being got rid of in Season 9 right prior to the finale, Cleen is earlier this season for revenge. With his neo-traditional and also new-school ideologies to ink, he has been able to get the fist of viewers and judges alike. Thanks to his background with the show, Cleen has a leg up ~ above the competition because that Season 11 as he returns together a coach.
Los Angeles, CA Artist, surprise Los Angeles Tattoo 8 years\" experience, 1 year apprenticed A previous graphic designer, Jamie Lee Parker started acquiring tattooed through Mike DeVries and eventually to be asked to apprentice for him. He continued to occupational with DeVries for the next eight years. Having since switched shops, he desires to create a name for himself among color-realism artists. Parker desires to win Ink understand to prove the he is a talented artist and also to showcase his artwork come a bigger audience. His distinctive \"dark surrealism\" format paired with his usage of contrasting colors and bold designs makes him a cutthroat competitor. Parker is all set to cash his check and take residence the title.
Corpus Christi, Texas Owner, Tattoo FX 8 years\" experience, self-taught Jess Cavazos is big, bold and confident. The owner the his own company, Tattoo FX, Cavazos loves every things concerned tattooing, sculpture, airbrushing, digital, painting and also F/X. Known for his realism and portrait tattoos, Cavazos has made a surname for himself v his bold color choices, fist to detail and also artistic eye. A consistent at tattoo conventions (with 20 awards to his name), Cavazos loves competition and sees Ink understand as his following opportunity to present the civilization -- and also his adversaries -- what he\"s got.
Boston, MA Artist, Boston Tattoo firm 11 years\" experience, 2 year apprenticed Jimmy Snaz is no afraid to be a villain. His vault battles with drug addiction have afforded the a brand-new view top top life, making him fearless, ready to take chances and also do everything it takes come succeed. He teach his brothers Kyle come tattoo, and if you ask Snaz, his very own experience and well-rounded technique give him the top hand over his younger brother this season. Having come increase on the Boston graffiti scene, Snaz\"s artistry transitioned seamlessly come tattooing. His bold pictures are readable from across the room and he\"s created his very own signature traditional/neo-traditional style. Because that Snaz -- having put his addiction concerns behind the -- healthy competition is his brand-new high. The can\"t wait come walk in, line the pot, come out on top and also be may be to aid pay off his mother\"s house. Plus, competing versus his tiny brother on nationwide television is an included perk.
Houston, Texas Co-Owner/Artist, Demon squid Tattoo 9 years’ experience, self-taught as an avid follower of the Ink master franchise since day one, JP Roldan has actually his strategy down. Hell do everything he needs to in order come win. In ~ a young age, Roldan determined to monitor in his father’s footsteps and become an artist. Before tattooing, he was an oil painter for eight years. The has established himself in Houston, and now he’s prepared for the human being to understand his name. Roldan has two children, and he pushes self to work hard for them. The possibility of winning squid Master and making them proud is what cd driver him.
Baltimore, MDArtist, Pinz & Needlez9 years\" experience, self-taughtWhen Kasey Gonzalez, well-known as \"Gonzo,\" discovered out he was going to be a dad at 19, that put every one of his passion and focus into tattooing in bespeak to develop himself and also his future child a better life. Now, at simply 25 years old, Gonzo is happy married, a member the five professional teams and also tattooing in ~ conventions approximately the world. While Gonzo prefers come tattoo black-and-gray surrealism, the is skilled in every style. His main an inspiration for contending on Ink grasp is come be motivation to his son.
Malden, MA clearly shows Ink Tattoo 6 years\" experience, 2 years apprenticed Kyle Mackenzie has actually paid his fee in the tattoo industry by having actually a formal apprenticeship for 2 years before becoming a full time artist five years ago. Cultivation up, Kyle had a passion for art, but none of his teacher in school saw any promise in him, often kicking him out of course for drawing. He has two daughters and, though he\"s just 25 year old, Mackenzie has grown up quickly and says that world are regularly surprised once they learn his age. His temper has obtained the best of that in the past, but on octopus Master, he desires his tattoos come speak because that themselves. Mackenzie has a fire lit under that he really hopes fuels that to win the competition together an ultimate \"f**k you\" to anyone from his past who\"s wondered about him.
New Castle, DE Owner, push Tattoos 2.5 years’ experience, 11 month apprenticed Oba Jackson is that he is there is no apology. That is outspoken, supremely confident and also (when the situation calls because that it) exceptionally petty. An artist his whole life, Jackson likewise paints, draws and sculpts. He traded his artwork for tattoos in ~ his local shop because that years until the owner finally persuaded him to job-related as an apprentice. He looks in ~ tattooing as a method to expand his fine art background and also is greatly influenced by classic and contemporary artists. His occupational as a graphic designer lends itself well to his signature styles: black-and-gray, portraits and also ethnic tattoos. He’s adaptable and versatile, which provides him a threat in the competition. He knows that human being are walk to try and get inside his head, yet Jackson knows precisely who he is, what his staminas are and what he demands to carry out to win.
Charlotte, NC Owner, Tattoo Me Charlotte 10 years’ experience, 1 year apprenticed Stacy Smith has actually blonde hair, a killer body and also the nickname “Spacey Stacy,” however underestimate she at your own risk -- since she is one fierce artist. Supplied to being composed off in the industry, Smith has actually put her head down and also worked difficult to create herself. After an initial picking increase a needle 10 years ago, she now owns her own shop, to be voted one of the top 10 tattoo artists in Charlotte, NC, and has a signature watercolor/boho vibe layout that is all her own. Every one of her pieces space custom, play v tonal values and also hues, and an outcome in what look like paintings on the skin. She’s ready to make some “TV money” and put she shop top top the map by taking the Ink understand crown.
Mebane, NC Owner, private studio 7 years’ experience, self-taught Teej leaf is ready to take residence the W. That believes that 2nd place is tied for last and also the sole purpose of being on Ink grasp is to take residence the title. Leaf has constantly been artistic and majored in visual Arts and also Design in college. He payment close attention to detail and has clean lines in all of his tattoos. If his specialty is black-and-gray photorealism, Poole wants to prove that he is a well-rounded artist. Farming up without a father figure, Poole’s family method everything to him, and also winning the $100,000 would adjust their stays for the better. This family members man with southerly swag is ready to present up and also show the end for north Carolina!
Lockport, NY Artist, Ink and Style 14 years\" experience, 2 month apprenticed Tiara Gordon knows just how to take treatment of herself and also the competition. She\"s been in the video game for 14 years and prides it s her on her efficiency, emphasis and capacity to crush a tradition design. Tiara\"s recognized at Ink and also Style for being maybe to do everything: new-school, color, neo-traditional, black-and-gray, realism, etc. Win Ink understand would be the icing ~ above the cake the Tiara\"s success story and also a middle finger come those that think ladies tattoo artist can\"t hold their own.
Dallas, Texas Owner, Folklore trading Co. 11 years\" experience, 2 year apprenticed cultivation up in a racing family, it\"s clear the competition is in Tiffer Wright\"s blood. He self raced motocross cultivation up, turned skilled at 18 years old and also then raced AMA Supercross for five years. Wanting a change of pace, Wright made decision to carry out a tattoo apprenticeship in his tiny hometown the Lubbock, Texas. After five years, Wright shed out and also left the tattoo company to go to university to study radiology, yet after a friend stepped in, he made decision to seek his passion again. Wright is currently the owner and full-time artist in ~ Folklore trade Co. In Dallas. He\"s known as the \"Cat Daddy\" because he does a the majority of cat tattoos, but he is well-versed in all areas of tattooing. To win Ink grasp would mean providing tattooing one last shot was not in vain and would present his child that if you occupational hard, it payment off!
Austin, Texas Artist, pigment Tattoo and Lazer remove 5 years\" experience, 1.5 year apprenticed when Tim Stafford walks right into a room, civilization notice. Mostly a new-school artist but confident in his all-around skill, if his ingredient or artwork is attacked, he\"ll be sure to defend his work. The puts thought right into every information of his tattoos and also won\"t allow anyone try to tell him otherwise. Return Stafford\"s just been tattooing for five years, he has already made a name for himself in the tattoo industry and does guest clues at some of the most famous shops in the U.S. Stafford wants to proceed to placed himself the end there, conquer the tattoo industry and show anyone what he\"s do of -- and winning Ink understand is the perfect way to do all of that.
Reno, NV Artist, Lasting dose Tattoo 15 years’ experience, 2 year apprenticed Tony Medellin could tattoo before he might drive, i m sorry is why he is so outspoken around his talent. He had a unstable childhood, and also the reality that that bought a residence with the money that earned indigenous tattooing and also can act together a role model for his younger brother is every the an inspiration he requirements to store going. One artist in ~ Lasting dose Tattoo in Reno, NV, Medellin is one of the Reno tattoo scene’s darlings. From miscellaneous first-place convention awards come being named the finest tattoo artist in north Nevada, his job-related is both aesthetically pleasing and built to last, i m sorry is why he is sought out for whatever from classic to neo-traditional, Japanese and even black-and-gray. Medellin refuses to be a one-trick pony or to execute anything there is no a plan. Anyone that knows him knows that he’s as straightforward as they come. Medellin will either be your most loyal allied or her fiercest enemy, depending upon how friend treat him. If you bite, he won’t hesitate come bite back. Having functioned hard from the time he to be 16 to do a surname for self in the industry, Medellin’s walking to defend his art and reputation at all costs.

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Two of squid Master’s many legendary rivals return for an epos grudge match. Christian Buckingham and Cleen absent One are earlier to settle the score as coaches for two new teams.