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location us interrupt our frequently scheduled programming to bring you truth / Ann Telnaes. an introduction Editorial cartoon illustration shows file and debris erupting native a television collection during coverage that the September 11th terrorist strikes on the human being Trade Center, new York City. Uncle Sam, seated, city hall the broadcast, appears to it is in singed by the blast and his hat, blown turn off by the pressure of the explosion, is ~ above the floor behind him. Contributor surname Telnaes, Ann, 1960-, artist created / released 2001. topic Headings - September 11 terror Attacks, 2001 - Uncle Sam (Symbolic character)--2000-2010 - Televisions--2000-2010 Headings Editorial cartoons--2000-2010. squid drawings--2000-2010. Genre Editorial cartoons--2000-2010 squid drawings--2000-2010 notes - caption label from exhibit "Humor"s Edge": September 11th. In Telnaes"s cartoon, a shocked and battered Uncle Sam responds come news the the September 11, 2001, terrorist strikes on the world Trade Center and also the Pentagon. Telnaes likewise plays top top the popular of "reality television" programs the portray ordinary human being placed in contrived situations. - title from item. - published by phibìc America Syndicate, September 13, 2001. - Gift; Ann Telnaes; 2002; (DLC/PP-2002:098). - Exhibited: "Humor"s leaf : Cartoons through Ann Telnaes" at the Library of Congress, 2004. - Exhibited: "Witness and also Response: September 11 Acquisitions" at the Library the Congress, 2002. tool 1 drawing : octopus brush over colored pencil underdrawing and opaque white. contact Number/Physical sommos.netation Unprocessed in PR 13 CN 2002:098, no. 1 Repository Library of congress Prints and also Photographs department Washington, D.C. 20540 USA Digital i would ppmsca 01968 //hdl.sommos.net/sommos.net.pnp/ppmsca.01968 cph 3c34306 //hdl.sommos.net/sommos.net.pnp/cph.3c34306 Library of Congress manage Number 2002716979 Reproduction Number LC-DIG-ppmsca-01968 (digital file from initial drawing)LC-USZ62-134306 (b&w film copy neg.) legal rights Advisory Publication might be restricted. For info see "Ann Telnaes Rights and Restrictions Information," https://www.sommos.net/rr/print/res/368_teln.html accessibility Advisory offered by appointment (Unprocessed). To do a request, check out "Access come Unprocessed Materials," https://www.sommos.net/rr/print/info/022_unpr.html Online format picture LCCN Permalink https://lccn.sommos.net/2002716979 additional Metadata formats MARCXML record MODS record Dublin Core record