This article on wearing lengthy sleeves in the summer was originally published in 2016 and was updated in respectable 2021.

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My boyfriend would tell me I’m nuts for wearing lengthy sleeves in the Texas heat, yet when it is upwards of 100 degrees, the doesn’t make much of a difference what you are wearing as long as it breathes.

Of course, ns don’t stay just any type of long sleeves in the summer heat, I typically stick v cotton, linen, or chambray. It every comes down to towel choice. Together you more than likely know, cotton is the many breathable cloth you have the right to find. It’s herbal and permits air to relocate through it openly while wicking far moisture. According to that What Wear, linen is the 2nd best cloth for summer (which I’m wearing in these photos), due to the fact that it is supervisor light, and in the off-chance that there is a breeze, it’s loosened and breathable. Linen is additionally known to be provided in summer-weight bedding, as well. That course, there’s always athletic material that boasts wicking powers, but I favor the organic fabrics as soon as I’m not functioning out.

Growing up in Ohio, us barely placed away our sweaters and coats come switch end our wardrobes because that spring and summer. I remember going residence from university one year in June and it to be still in the 60s! So, as lot as I want to wear cute tanks and shorts, ns was frozen, therefore I always had a sweatshirt or chambray button-up nearby.

To layout long sleeve tops, ns wear them over dresses, tie lock up v skirts, or together pictured below, through shorts!

There room so many ways to wear lengthy sleeves in the summer and so plenty of reasons to!

I have my an individual opinions, but there are additionally many useful reasons too!

4 services of Wearing long Sleeves in the Summer

Long Sleeves protect From the Sun

If you room pale, sensitive to the sun, or currently sunburnt, long sleeves room a savior. Earlier this summer I charred my shoulders and also it in reality hurt to be out in the sun, so my only saving grace to be super lightweight tops with sleeves! However, lengthy sleeves don’t necessarily protect you native the sun! While they will provide much much more protection than no sleeves in ~ all, brighter color such as red or darker colour such as black have actually a higher Ultraviolet Protection aspect (UPF) than lighter colors such together white.

The weave that the fabric and the material additionally play a factor. Tightly woven clothes such as jeans or man-made materials can protect you better than a cotton tee or sweater. You’ll also want come wear loose-fitting garments so friend don’t large the object to create a wider opening for the sun to penetrate. For those really pertained to or perceptible to the sun, you have the right to get apparel with sunlight blocking modern technology like these UPF styles from Lily Pulitzer.

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Long Sleeves are far better Than Mosquito Repellant or bug Spray

I’m not sure what that is, but I get major mosquito bites. Lock love come me. One bites and tells all their friends just how tasty i was, and sends castle over. I acquire the best welts all over. Of course, I’ve tried every one of the pest sprays, however sometimes I simply don’t desire to be sticky and also smell bad, so wearing long sleeves in the summer helps prevent them from acquiring to me.

Hiding native the A/C

I’m in reality cold more often in the summer than in the winter. After spending every weekend in the sun by the pool, the A/C always gets me! in ~ home, I’m typically under a blanket, and I am constantly cold in the office, out to dinner, and especially at the movies! long sleeves room again, the best option!

Wearing lengthy Sleeves in the Summer have the right to be a Habit

Like i said, I’m indigenous Ohio, and also I resided in sweatshirts during the cool summer nights. You never know when the temperature will drop or you’ll it is in frozen at a restaurant. For this reason I constantly leave a sweater or coat in my car! I totally got this from my mom, too. She additionally believes that sweatshirts or lengthy sleeves space a must year round!


Where come Wear long Sleeves in the Summer


In the summer I try really difficult to be a Texan and love the A/C, however I to be constantly cold! i live in sweatshirts and long-sleeve tops in the summer much more than in the winter! when the air conditioning is on, i am commonly on the couch v my Barefoot desires Blanket and a sweatshirt. Kale think I’m nuts, yet I can’t help it, ns love a warm vibe. Being warm is a big part of wearing long-sleeves in summer, too. It’s more about comfort than anything else. 

The Office

As us make our method back to the office (fingers overcome it’s optional, because that you if that’s her preference!) we’re remembering exactly how uncomfortable corporate offices are because that females who summer wardrobes are in stark comparison to our masculine co-workers’ clothing choices which don’t differ throughout the year. The A/C is typically collection cold since someone somewhere stated that it can be much better for productivity, but that appears a little antiquated and also sexist if friend ask me. Ns digress, given we quiet live in a civilization where most companies are run through men, I always have a sweater in th earlier of my chair when working in the office. 

Date Night

As lot as ns love a cute tank and also skirt or summer dress, I frequently need something come cover up in the A/C together you’ve probably discovered at this point. V a date night look I commonly opt for a denim jacket or together we move right into August-October (still int hte 80s or 90s in Texas) I’ll take a leather moto jacket!