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ByJean YamamuraSun Apr 04, 2021 | 4:00pm

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From the air, the West Wind Drive-In has visible problems with flooding, bordered as it is by the Goleta Slough and also the periodically rambunctious mountain Jose Creek together it drops its last half-mile come the Pacific Ocean. Any brand-new building over there — owner SyWest development is considering storage units at the website — needs to keep the elevation of the building pad in psychic and also bumps up versus Goleta’s brand-new height border of 35 feet. In what SyWest hopes is a to win compromise, that has available the city a sliver of floor to include a essential width of access road under to mountain Jose Creek in exchange for rolling back for 2 extra years the zoning to the earlier height border of 45 feet. Goleta’s plan Commission was unconvinced, however.

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SyWest has the ideal to be taken into consideration under the former zoning regulations; it completed its project application before a cut-off date of September 1, 2019, which was a rule cleared up during the years-long new-zoning-ordinance process completed a year ago. That option ends top top December 31, 2021, however, and SyWest’s swap asks because that an expansion to December 31, 2023. In exchange, it would give the city an easement for 2,082 square feet that land that would include 10 feet of width to the present road to an accessibility ramp down right into San Jose Creek. It’d be vast enough for two dump van to safe pass, i m sorry would speed up clearing the creek in overwhelming and additionally during the occupational on the Hollister path bridge, i beg your pardon is at this time out at bid.

San Jose Creek, once a flood-prone waterway, has actually been channeled right into a concrete canal alongside State route 217, the broad, sweeping road out to UC Santa Barbara. Kept by County flood Control, the canal was widened in 2015 to save the creeks in ~ its walls and stop the from flooding Goleta’s Old Town. The widening ate increase the large median follow me the 217, previously used because that access. Goleta’s duty is to store a fish channel open up one the east-side that the canal, which has actually turned out to be a continuous effort.

SyWest’s request, formalized in a breakthrough Agreement, was broached come the planning Commission top top Monday — and ultimately goes come City Council because that a last decision. It would certainly not tie the hand of planning commissioners or design review plank members when the time comes for the task itself to it is in considered, city staff explained. It would, however, reason an 18-foot distinction in the height allowed for any new building. This is for 2 reasons: the adjust in preferably heights in the new zoning ordinance, and also a adjust from wherein it is measure — native the finished floor in the old zoning rules and from the currently grade in the new.

Because the old drive-in sit in a overwhelming plain, defined Steve Amerikaner, the attorney because that developer SyWest, a amount of to fill dirt would have to be carried in to store any new building on dry land. Further, as the industrial structure might be constructed to organize storage, the height of the interior was a critical factor in whether the investment would certainly be worth the construction costs, Amerikaner said.

The deal would provide the City that Goleta a little sliver that land, marked as Easement Area, i beg your pardon adds access to the san Jose Creek flood control channel, in exchange for allowing the developer to usage old zoning rules for an extra two years; the old rules permit for 18 an ext feet of building height. | Credit: City that Goleta

Some of the plan commissioners were interested to recognize why SyWest had actually paused the project simply as it to be entering the eco-friendly review phase in 2018. Bill Vierra, representing SyWest owner Suyfy Enterprises, defined the advancement group together one that often tended to be really conservative; it hosted properties for life. City staff had urged lock to continue the applications process, however the owner were worried over the moment the environmental and also other reviews would certainly necessarily take, add to the brand-new zoning ordinance. “We took a stop to work in one amicable means with the timeframes here and at the same time come up with what we thought was a reasonable accommodation because that both parties,” Vierra said.

The brand-new zoning ordinance had actually indeed impacted multiple issues. Lisa Prasse, a to plan manager because that the city, reeled off an ext than a dozen items the covenant would affect, indigenous parking and trash enclosures to setbacks and also lot coverage. Two other advances are in a similar spot in the plan pipeline, Deputy City attorney Winnie Cai said.

Before voting versus advising the City council to accept the advancement Agreement together written, the chair that the commission, Katie Maynard, recalled the plenty of meetings and also extreme scrutiny that hundreds of parts that the new zoning ordinance had actually undergone in the previous two or three years before it was finalized and passed critical March. The proposed covenant was defeated by the bulk of the plan Commission on a 3-2 vote.

Correction: The fish channel in the mountain Jose Creek canal is come the eastern side, not the center.

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