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Nuclear is a 2014 pop-rock tune by brother musician Mike Oldfield that became closely linked with the Metal Gear fandom, with the opened lyrics “standing ~ above the edge” in particular, after it to be featured together background music for an extended trailer for Metal equipment Solid V: The Phantom Pain presented during Konami’s push conference at 2014 E3.


"Nuclear" is the eleventh track featured in Mike Oldfield"s<1> studio album Man ~ above the Rocks,<2> released on march 3rd, 2014. Follow to Oldfield, his main impetus for the tune was his grand experiences during people War I, and also how war readjusted him.<3> on June 9th, 2015, during the E3 2014 Konami"s conference, a trailer for Metal gear V: ThePhantom Pain to be released, consisting of the tune in the background. The English version of the trailer uploaded come Konami"s main YouTube channel acquired over 798,000 views together September 20th, 2015.

Standing top top the sheet of the craterLike the prophets once said and the ashes are all cold nowNo an ext bullets and also the embers room deadWhispers in the waiting tell the talesOf the brothers goneDesolation, devastationWhat a mess us made, when it all went wrong

Watching from the edge of the circusFor the gamings to beginGladiators attract their swords form their ranks for Armageddon

I"m nuclear
I"m wildI"m break up insideA love of broken glassDefiledDeep insideThe abandoned child

Standing top top the sheet of the underworldLooking at the abyss and also I"m hope for some miracleTo breakout, come escape from every thisWhispers in the air tell the talesof a life that"s goneDesolation, devastationWhat a mess we made, once it every went wrong

I"m nuclearI"m wildI"m break up insideA love of broken glassDefiledDeep insideThe exit child

I"m nuclearI"m wildI"m break up insideA love of broken glassDefiledDeep insideThe exit child


The very same day together Konami released the trailer, a leaked version was posted on 4chan"s video games plank /v/, wherein some users remarked the song.<4> one of the responses had a modified variation of the john is death copypasta special the first line that the song (shown bellow). During the adhering to days, the song lyrics started being offered as forum game,<5> in similar vein come Lankyposting or Brendanposting. The an initial of those lyrics, Standing ~ above the edge, likewise started being used as catchphrase.

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On January 10th, 2015, Youtuber DAMN kid uploaded a video titled "NUCL-HE-AR", special a remix of Lanky Kong to sing Nuclear, and also gaining end 142,000 views in the following 9 months. ~ above July 11th, 2015, mashup artist Triple-Q uploaded to his main channel a mashup the Psy"s Gentleman and Nuclear, acquiring over 50,00 views in less than three months.