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What is management Process?

Management is merely the science of regulating all activities. According to pre-decided plans and also achieving the preferred goals effectively. That is the one who is responsible for the success that the organization. And also the achievement of that goals. The facets of monitoring starts with preparing the blueprint the the targets.

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That to be completed for the organization. Climate accordingly, plans are prepared and continuously monitored v effective method for the fulfillment of pre-set targets. The term management is composed of 5 elements. The is required to it is in performed simultaneously and effectively top top time. These all elements are thought about as the heart of the management and also all space equally important. These facets are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling.

5 elements of management Process


this is the very first and most critical step in the procedure of management. That starts with deciding the targets. That is come be completed by the organization. Then accordingly, the whole process of monitoring prepared for achieving targets. That is the future-oriented or forward-looking duty of management. In enhancement to critical function of management, this is among the toughest function. It needs a deep concentration and participation of all members. It is concerned with when, what, how, where, and also how actions need to be perform to accomplish the targets.
Elements of Management


In the process of management and is concerned with arranging each job as every the requirement. And in line through the plan for success of goals. It way bringing with each other all an important resources like financial, human resources and physical sources of the organization. In other words, the is responsible for giving the organization with everything helpful as every demand. The key steps connected in this procedure is the detection the the activities to it is in performed.


This function of administration is came to with placing the right guy at the appropriate job. As per their skills, for this reason that effective productivity will be achieved. This function has achieved greater prominence in the present years in management. The process as it helps in effective and efficient organizing of organization structure. This is composed of numerous steps like an initial deciding the accurate number of manpower requirements. Then recruiting and selecting employees, after the their training. Then their timely appraisal is done according to their performance. 


It is pertained to with training and also guiding the subordinates as per the plan to achieve the desired goals. The three primary features under this procedure are communication, motivating, supervision and leadership. Which every are concerned with making sure that all subordinates space doing their work as every plans. So that targets deserve to be completed timely. It involves providing clear cut instructions come the employees. What come do? having two-way communication in between subordinates and managers.

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It is the last step in the management procedure and is mainly pertained to with making sure whether all activities perform together per the plans. That detects all the deviations in the functioning and activities of the subordinates. These deviations so the all targets of the organization achieved. It is the duty which makes sure the all targets are completed timely and also takes all feasible measures to execute it. This duty involves very first deciding and setup the requirements of the activities. ~ those actual activities that are performed are measured. Now these tasks are measured together per pre-decided standards, and also at last, if deviations are discovered then, proper corrective procedures are performed.
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