because of the obscure nature of Dark Souls 3"s mechanics, it have the right to be tough to number how what specifically the Dark Sigil does and also how to eliminate it. Here"s how!

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yuria that londor, yoel the londor, and also the fire keeper.
The Dark Sigils are not just a sinister note that have the right to be obtained on the flesh of the Ashen One in Dark Souls 3 however also crucial items the are critical to plenty of mechanics that are never ever really explained thoroughly in-game. The most significant aspect the the gameplay the the Dark Sigils influence is the player"s Hollowing level, which determines the result of both Yoel the Londor and also Yuria of Londor"s attached questlines. Increasing one"s Hollowing level needs the player come both have actually the Dark Sigil and also dying multiple times to additional the decomposing procedure of one"s body. Much more Dark Sigils have the right to be got from Yoel that Londor (maximum of 5 from this NPC) upon reaching particular thresholds (Hollowing level 0, 2, 6, 12, and 15).

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the should additionally be stated that one"s Hollowing level needs to be at least 15 to gain the luck stat-boosting result of Hollow-infused weapons. Due to the fact that of these aspects, it is helpful to stay as a hole for the duration of one"s playthrough, as there are no real downsides except one"s flesh looking shriveled and corpse-like. Because that those completely unhappy v their hollowed reality, there room a couple of ways to eliminate this cosmetics curse, albeit at usually high costs.

just how To Temporarily turning back Hollowing

because that players who want to reset your Hollowing level come nothing, yet do not desire to cure the Dark Sigils and their hollowing effects, there room 3 key ways to do so. Although, all of these techniques require a fair deal of souls to trade and the final option involves some riddle-solving.

Request Dissolution native Velka"s Statue

prior to seeking out this method, there are a couple of criteria that should be met. Firstly, one needs to acquire the Mortician"s Ashes, which are located at the Undead Settlement near the area wherein that huge in the tower showers a small pass through greatarrows. From here, rather of going through the wood shack after ~ passing the stretch of land being barraged, do a left and head up the hill to uncover the Mortician"s Ashes.

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give this item come the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine and she will begin selling some much more kinds of items; one of which is the Grave an essential for 1,500 souls. Purchase it, as it will certainly be necessary to accessibility Velka"s monument. To find this statue showing the Goddess the Sin, football player will need to travel to the Undead Settlement and also head under to a lower, an ext disgusting area. From the sewer containing some thick fog, a stream of filth, and some rats (including a giant one), players will uncover a pair of i leading off from it. One will lead to Irina of Carim"s cell while the other will bring one come Velka"s statue.

interact with the goddess" likeness and one will be given some options. The one pertaining to removing one"s existing Hollowing level is "Request Dissolution" and also costs the equivalent of one"s heart level multiplied by 100. Because that example, a level 20 player would should pay 2000 souls because that this service, despite one"s Hollowing level provides no difference.

Consume A Purging Stone

This is most likely the many convenient an approach in to reduce one"s Hollowing level, though, the many pricey if one is in ~ a reduced level. Purging Stones can be acquired from the complying with sources:

marketed by Yuria the Londor once she appears at Firelink Shrine (4,500 souls each) marketed by the Shrine Handmaid if provided either Yuria"s Ashes or the Hollow"s Ashes (4,500 if provided Yuria"s Ashes and also 3,000 if provided the Hollow"s Ashes) seldom dropped by sewage system Centipedes (found in Irithyll that the Boreal Valley"s watery areas and also in the Profaned Capital"s toxic swamp) plunder from the Profaned capital (4 total; 1 found in the toxic swamp among Sewer Centipedes and 3 found in the adjacent chapel crowded through some Monstrosities the Sin) plunder in The Ringed City from the area resulting in the Ringed Inner wall bonfire (2 total)

Request Dissolution from The Purging Monument

This next an approach is the longest to acquire to, together the forced statue is discovered in The Ringed City DLC and also involves solving one of Dark Souls" notoriously obscure riddles. Close come the Ring City roads bonfire, players will discover a blog post displaying a riddle telling them come "show your humanity". This does no involve the use of embers or any type of other item, counter-intuitively, and also only requirements that the player take it on the guise the a literal Humanity. To carry out this, simply cast the Chameleon order or use a Young White Branch, and also the player will transform in appearance to resemble a Humanity, choose those discovered in The Abyss.

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as soon as done, the video game will generate a ladder which the player have the right to climb to access another area that dwellings 2 ringed city knights and also a giant. Through the giant, over there is a collection of stairs the leads down, follow this to their base and also then drop under from the ledge on the appropriate to discover a bridge. Cross it and also one will discover a hideous statue created of countless blackened decomposing corpses rising up native a clogged well. Communicate with this, because that it is the Purging Monument, and also choose the "Request Dissolution" option to eliminate one"s Hollowing level. The cost and also mechanics space the same as selecting this choice at Velka"s statue.

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fire keeper having actually a chair in firelink shrine.
permanent removal of the grisly Abyss-borne clues is far much more straightforward, though immensely an ext expensive and arguably not worth the steep price. Before being able to accessibility this trade, one requirements a Fire keeper Soul. To gain this priceless item, one needs to buy the Tower vital from the Shrine Handmaid because that 20,000 souls and then enter the tower just behind Firelink Shrine.

at the peak of this tower, one deserve to loot the Fire Keeper soul from the corpse the a former fire keeper. After ~ obtaining the one-of-a-kind soul, one needs to talk to the living Fire Keeper and hand it end to her, i m sorry meets the standard for she to disclose the choice of heal the undead curse. This alternative will need one to pay the equivalent of the player"s next level-up multiplied by the amount of Dark Sigils held, which can be ridiculously i have lot of money for higher-level players. Take heed not to action rashly to eliminate one"s Dark Sigils, as doing so will protect against Yoel indigenous speaking with the player (if that is quiet alive) as well as cause Yuria to leave Firelink Shrine permanently, rendering one can not to follow she questline and also attain the usurpation of Fire finishing of the game.