If you live with or consume Japanese product you must have heard the expression “Nani? Nande? Nandesuka? Nandayo? Nanda?”And many others that apparently average "What?".In this article, we room going to perform a really thorough study concerned these Japanese words.

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All this words that we stated in the title of the write-up are derived from the ideogram nani <何> that way "what“,“how many“,“which”And many other expressions pertained to questions. The differences between them space in the selection of particles and also verbs.

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Using nani <何> come ask what or exactly how many

The "what" <何> character in Japanese is often used in associate with other words come ask particular things such as:

Responsive Table: role the table sideways through your finger >>
How old?何歳ですか?nansaidesuka
What's the number?何番nanban
What job of the week何曜日nanyoubi
What a day; How countless days何日nannichi
How countless words何語nango
How countless minutes何分nanbun
How plenty of people; quantity of people何人nannin
How plenty of times何回nankai
How many (machine counter)何台nandai
How numerous (thin and flat object counter)何枚nanmai

Other words derived from nani kanji <何>

To finish the article, we will certainly share a perform of words related to concerns that have from nani <何> 's ideogram:

Responsive Table: role the table sideways with your finger >>
Where; which place何処doko
Because; like何故naze
Is nothing; there is no anything;何もnanimo
Because?; for what?何でnande
When; Like何時itsu
What; like; every little thing it is何とnanto
Like; what (exclamatory)何てnante
Which way; i m sorry direction; Where何方dochira
Which (among); anyone (+ も)何れ<も>dore
Something; Thing何かnanika
Anything); whatever; ns understand何でもnandemo
Something; somehow何とかnantoka
Where; which; what; both; any; eventually何れizure
How plenty of times何回nankai
How countless times何度nando
Something; some reason何やらnanyara
How plenty of hours?何時nanji
How much time; exactly how far; exactly how muchどれ位dorekurai
Anywhere; all the places; completely何処までもdokomademo
Something; nothing何物nanimono
What; permit me see何れ何れdoredore
What about; this and also that; what what ?; What problem?何々naninani
Is nothing; nothing何でもないnandemonai
How lot time? until when?何時までitsumade
anything; all; practically everything何もかもnanimokamo
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