Italian Slang word of the Day“STUNOD”with Stevie B* 

In this short segment Stevie focuses on the phrase


(Stonato in Italian, Stunato in Napolitano, Stunatu in Siciliano)

or just plain

STUPID, crazy or out OF TOUCH! 

If you flourished up in one Italian American or for the matter any Italian / English speaking Immigrant family…. Didn’t matter if you to be first, 2nd or 3rd generation friend heard this slang words. 

OOO Chooch is an instance of what we room calling one Italian American Slang word

Actually numerous of them were simply words that had been bastardized in the shift from Italian or from a particular Italian dialect into English.

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Stevie B

Managia which I often say to today is sort of a oath word the is one expression of uncomfortable surprise.

Che Cozzo – i m sorry begs come ask why? yet not yes, really in a nice way.


Anyway friend will check out what i mean. Us applaud Stevie for placing these together. Really cracks me up and… Not only does that say and describe the Italian or language version of the word he additionally expresses the very same thing in “Proper English”. Simply Too Funny. So take a moment and let Stevie entertain you through the Italian Slang indigenous of the Day. We deserve to all use a great laugh.

Don’t be a Chooch !!!!… STUNOD…!**

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