ns noticed v the vacation patch that there are brand-new trees and also shrubs that spawn on mine land. One popped up today, being specifically an X-Mas tree - which costs 25,000 yellow to remove. Is there any kind of benefit come removing this X-Mas tree? Is there any benefit come leaving it there?

It is noticeably the most expensive problem to eliminate yet.

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X-Mas tree are back again this year, and once again you can cut them down for a small resource profit. (It appears to be 75k payout for 25k invest = 50k profit, just like last year)

However - now X-Mas trees additionally spawn presents! If you remove the tree, you lose the opportunity to obtain presents indigenous it. The gift I"ve checked out so far only give 5k elixir a pop.

Thus it might be more rewarding in the momentary to leaving these tree alone, at the very least until they prevent dropping presents!


I ended up removed it together I to be almost specific it provides no defensive traits to mine base. The opposite troops simply walked right previous it.

It took 30 secs to remove and also I to be rewarded v 75,000 Gold.

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A 50k benefit in 30 seconds renders it fine worth that to remove it from the land.


There is no advantage to leaving it various other than it provides you look at cool; however if you remove it (which expenses 25K gold) the rewards you with 75k gold. Therefore it"s one of two people a 50K profit or spring cool. I would choose looking cool over a tiny profit.



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