After this story was published, Gustav responded v the adhering to comment: "Daria is a good talent and also I great her all the finest with her future job prospects."

Daria Eliuk has been a Portland personality for 20 years. She radio career started in 1997 top top 94.7 KNRK and, till August of this year when she mysteriously disappeared native the airwaves, she hadn't been turn off the waiting for much longer than two weeks.

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Daria has always had a connection with radio listeners the extended past that the a typical radio DJ. She calls the listeners "listener friends" and frequently reads personal essays on air. Start in the late '90s and also up till this year, Daria voice was component of Portland's DNA.

Her main gig was constantly with Entercom-owned stations in Portland, very first at KNRK and also then, beginning in 2003, in ~ 105.1 The Buzz, which is housed in the same building as KNRK.

Last year, her present with Mitch Elliott and also Ted Douglass top top The Buzz was disbanded and also Entercom decided to bring her back to 94.7, reuniting her with an additional classic Portland radio personality, Gustav.

At the time, practically exactly a year ago, Daria was sad to say goodbye come the guys she operated with on The Buzz, but likewise enthusiastic about the possibilities of being back on KNRK.

"While ns grieve the ns of working with two of mine closest friend everyday," Daria said The Oregonian/ diplomatically, "I am so happy to be returning to an old girlfriend I've never lost touch with."

Mark Hamilton, routine director in ~ 94.7, likewise appeared to be enthusiastic about the move, speak that among the things he many values is keeping personalities top top the air.

"I remember I provided to discover it really unsettling that I'd tune right into a radio station and my favourite DJs would certainly disappear and also you never ever knew what taken place to them," Hamilton called The Oregonian/ in November of 2016.

But in so late August, that's precisely what taken place to 94.7 listeners. Without warning or explanation, Daria was suddenly gone.

Listeners began to wonder what happened. Together weeks go by and also Daria didn't return, a Reddit subject popped up concern what had actually happened, and The Oregonian/ began to acquire emails, every asking, "Where is Daria?"

Emails sent in September to Gustav and KNRK went unreturned. But on Saturday, the very first day she can officially talk around what happened, Daria invited us into her sprawling Victorian home in southeast Portland, to tell us just how a 20 year radio career can suddenly involved an end.

"I obtain the feeling I'm not an alleged to say i was fired," Daria said, sipping coffee in the dining room that the home she shares v her husband and son, "even despite I plainly was fired."

Daria's short hair is mostly bleached blond. She voice, reassuring on the radio, is just as soft in person. She has an virtually undetectable lisp and is automatically warm and intimate. Top top Saturday, she wore a black color tank top and flowing pants, casually dressed because that a weekend morning at house with her family, one foot tucked under her as she spoke.

"It wake up to everybody," Daria said from across the table, without bitterness in she voice. "I am not the an initial nor will I it is in the last this has actually happened to."

A brand-new general manager began at Entercom in Portland in July. According to an Entercom blog post, invoice Ashenden joined the "Portland cluster as the angry President and also Market Manager for Entercom Portland reliable July 10th, 2017."

In a sitting room across the house, her eight-year-old son, Alexander, and also former expert lacrosse player husband, Dallas Eliuk, quietly played with action figures. Mid morning irradiate spilled in with sheer white curtains, highlighting the glass house filled through painted Ukrainian eggs inserted in the center of the dining room table.

Both Daria and also Dallas have Ukrainian heritage. It's simply one that the things they share, together with a deep enthusiasm for superheroes and cosplay. Throughout their home are framed skilled photos that the couple dressed up as Catwoman and Batman. You have to look very closely to check out that the photos aren't movie posters featuring Hollywood stars.

Even the end of costume, Dallas looks choose a more-approachable Bruce Wayne. Now, Dallas renders pins based upon obscure comic book and movie references, choose Nicholas Cage Superman native a fail Superman job in the '90s.

"And the finish of August, i was told ns am no going to it is in on the air anymore," Daria said, "and then basically they're not renewing mine contract."

Daria has been under one contract or an additional since 1997. Once she was relocated from The Buzz back to KNRK in 2016, she was entering the second year of a two year contract.

"I'll offer you a theoretical example," she said, trying to define why she thinks the coporation, group let she go. "This is completely hypothetical."

"Let's say, hypothetically, there's an ice cream store," she said. "And this ice cream cream store is referred to as The ice Cream Store and also it has three employees and also they're all called Bob: Bob 1, Bob 2, Bob 3. And also then there's Mr. Ice cream Cream Man, the owner."

In her creamy voice, she tells a parable around the owner that an ice cream cream shop firing 2 employees to boost his profits, to make the business appear much more desirable to investors.

When asked about what led to Daria's contract not being renewed, an Entercom spokesperson claimed the firm does not comment on personnel matters. But, in the story, it's for sure to i think Daria is just one of those employees.

When she talks around her display on The Buzz, she points out there were 3 people involved -- 3 Bobs.

"What i feel is that when my lover Mitch to be let go, i should have actually been let go also," Daria said, "but ns still had a year on mine contract."

"It's business and I understand it and I honestly really don't hold it versus them," she said. "I am just mournful and also regretful that the means that the ended."

After gift on Entercom for 20 years, and being poll Portland's favorite radio personality in Willamette Week's ideal of Portland lot of times, consisting of this year, it felt devilish to both Daria and her "listener friends" come drop she so unceremoniously, without explanation.

But without any kind of sort of official announcement or explanation of her departure, there have been no next or location for fans to comment about what she has actually meant come them. She co-workers, perhaps considering their own employment, haven't commented either.

"I thrived up listening to her," Michael Herrington, a organize on KPAM 860 tweeted about Daria Monday. "She's the reason I wanted to be on the radio and additionally the reason that I inquiry if I'll ever be an excellent enough."

"When i was a teen girl she to be a quirky, funny and honest woman's voice in an s of masculine DJs," another Twitter user, Carrie C., wrote. "She aided me uncover my voice."

"She is the best," composed Emily Rowney top top Facebook. "My favourite were the story she provided to tell earlier when she was on 94.7 in the beforehand 2000s. There to be this details one about her summer camp stalker that made me laugh so difficult I virtually peed."

After 20 years in continuous communication with the public, Daria stated she feels lonely. She misses the relationship she had actually with her listeners.

But, she's looking to the future. Daria is just 47. A listener donated podcasting tools that is set up in she study, whereby she keeps stacks of stories. She's functioning on finding out that technology, and Dallas is updating she website. She's considering creating some fiction and also she already has much more live storytelling events scheduled.

For currently though, she's processing her grief about the loss of she on-air life and also learning how to exist post-radio.

And while she misses she listener friends, Daria luxuriates over time with her family. Not surprisingly, Halloween is a large holiday in the Eliuk household. Alexander is dressing up as either a Stormtrooper or as Robin, but probably Robin. His parents are still deciding on costumes.

"We constantly plan to go together something else," Daria said. "But virtually always finish up going together Batman and Catwoman."

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