He is television"s "sweariest" chef, who fierce temper has made him as renowned because that his cutting comebacks together he is recognized for his multi Michelin starred cooking (although surprisingly, Gordon Ramsay has proved to it is in a kind and sensitive presenter once working through children).

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Gordon"s fiery demeanour is an especially popular v an American audience. In his hit shows, Hotel Hell and Ramsay"s Kitchen Nightmares, the focus is not on his cookery however on his dramatic transformation of failing hotels, motels and also restaurants.

Despite a rocky start in life v an alcoholic father, Gordon has actually gone on to it is in awarded one OBE and opening multiple restaurants across the world from Britain come France, and the us to Singapore.

1. He want to be a footballer...

Gordon had always planned to it is in a footballer, having actually been chosen for the Warwickshire under 14 team when he to be 12. The trained through Scottish soccer team ranger in his teens, however after wrecking his cartilage, his footballing job ambitions involved an end.

2. There"s one point he would never ever order in a restaurant...

Gordon Ramsay called Town and Country magazine the he would never order soup once he"s dining out. He common his advice that us should, "sk what yesterday’s soup du jour was prior to today’s special. It might be the situation that it’s the soup du month."

3. He speak fluent French...

When that became apparent he would not have the ability to pursue football, Gordon enrolled ~ above a course in hotel management, walking on to occupational for Marco Pierre White. The then relocated to Paris to occupational for 2 Michelin starred chefs, male Savoy and Joël Robuchon, during which time that learnt come speak French fluently.

4. He has actually gained many Michelin stars...

16, to be precise. Gordon has actually somewhat the a restaurant empire, v 12 restaurants in London alone.


5. That does a spot of reviewing...

While no as in depth a reviewer as various other restaurant critics, Gordon has gained a huge following top top Twitter as a result of his harsh food reviews. His budding chef fans send him images of their house cooked meals in exchange because that scathing and blunt reviews, every within 140 characters.

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6. He"s a marathon runner...

Gordon states that to run keeps him sane. He has actually completed 12 marathons and, this year, his 18 year old daughter Megan elevated over £5,000 for good Ormond Street once she ran the London Marathon. It need to "run" in the family.

7. His youngsters are talented chefs too...

Gordon"s 15-year-old daughter Matilda gift a CBBC cookery show called Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, documenting the Ramsay"s family holiday and the aptly themed meals that Matilda cooks because that them follow me the way.

8. He never ever eats airplane food...

During one interview with Refinery 29, cook Gordon revealed that there"s one thing he never does on a trip - eat the food!

"There"s no f—ing means I eat ~ above planes," Ramsay said. "I operated for airlines for ten years, for this reason I know where this food"s been and also where the goes, and also how long it took prior to it acquired on board."

So just how does a chef acquire through a flight? by tucking right into some delicious deli meat beforehand of course. The told Refinery 29 that his best pre-flight routine is to enjoy, "a nice choice of Italian meats, a small glass the red wines, part sliced apples or pears v some parmesan cheese".

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Essential Gordon Ramsay Stats

How old is Gordon Ramsay? 50 How tall is Gordon Ramsay? 6"1 How many children does Gordon Ramsay have? 4 - his eldest daughter is Megan, climate twins Holly and also Jack, and youngest Matilda. His baby, Rocky, was miscarried at 5 months. Who is Gordon Ramsay married to? Gordon"s mam is Tana Ramsay, a former school teacher and cookery writer. Who space Gordon Ramsay"s parents? Ramsay"s father, also called Gordon, passed away in 1997. Gordon"s mother, Helen Cosgrove, functions for a variety of charities, volunteering because that Women"s Aid.