The flag that Wales is significant for special a dragon in the design. Editorial credit: steved_np3 /

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A dragon is a mythical creature that is believed to spit fire and also have the capacity to fly. Dragon are likewise storied come be powerful and to signify strength. In fight shields and flags, they have historically been supplied to intimidate opponents. Today, the countries of Bhutan, Wales, and also Malta all have actually flags that attribute dragons.



A dragon is prominently shown on the flag of Bhutan top top the middle of the flag\"s orange and yellow stripes. The orange stripes indicate the spiritual society of Buddhism when the yellow color represents traditions. A nearby look in ~ the dragon reveals the it is donned in a special garment referred to as the Kabney. The scarf is white to indicate the purity that the actions and the thoughts of the citizens of Bhutan regardless of whether of their race. There space jewels existing on the dragon which signify the riches that Bhutan possesses and also the protection of the country. The dragon shows up to it is in snarling, i beg your pardon is a authorize that the people are willing to defend their country versus invaders.



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The Welsh flag has a red dragon the is prominently displayed behind the white and also green colors. Historically, it to represent the times of King Henry VII who used the dragon as the battle symbol throughout the battle of Bosworth Field. The Romans are believed to have lugged the dragon symbol v them throughout their occupation of Britain. In addition, it was the symbol of the monarchy and other ancient leaders throughout the Romano-British era. The symbol was not provided widely in Wales throughout this time because it represented the brothers authority and was provided in the coat of arms and by the armies of the English crown. Under King Henry V, the battalions prominently shown the red dragon during battles such as the one at Agincourt. During the invasion of England led through Henry Tudor, the was presented on Saint Paul’s Cathedral ~ a success parade throughout Wales. Green and also white colors were later added as the power of King Henry V progressed.



A an extremely close look at the Maltese flag will expose an unexpected dragon. The flag is comprised of two colors, white and red, through a little cross at the top corner. In ~ the center of the tiny cross is a very small depiction the a dragon being combated by Saint George. Since it is thought that Saint George had actually killed a dragon, that is was awarded come Malta through the George Cross for bravery and also excellent aid towards the allies throughout the 2nd World War. The island nation had play a crucial role by offering land that was offered by the allies as forward operating bases and also trauma hospitals because that wounded allied soldiers. Saint George is commemorated as a saint who had actually refused to recant his Christian beliefs and was put to fatality by the Romans. That is likewise believed to it is in the patron the the Mediterranean islands of Malta.