The next world of Warcraft spot is version 7.3 and also possibly the last major update of the Legion expansion. It’s obtained the entirety planet that Argus to explore, hung ominously in the sky over Azeroth after the occasions of the dig of Sargeras, v a brand-new raid, dungeon, and loads (LOADS) more. Here’s all the info from Blizzard’s spot notes as well as the PTR itself.

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Here’s the basics that what’s inside:

Argus, the planet, and also everything top top it.More, obv.

We spoke to Blizzard around it in ~ Gamescom:

Now you’ve watched that, let’s begin with what’s important.

WoW job 7.3 release date

Patch 7.3 has hit PTR now, and also is playable via the drop down menu you normally choose WoW region from in It requires an account, but not an energetic one, if you’ve lapsed.

7.3 will certainly release come live servers on august 29 because that US, respectable 30 for EU. As for what time, it’s usually at an early stage in the morning server time. Mean 7.3.5 – if it’s keep going – to it is in announced soon afterwards.

Here’s what Blizzard have posted around the patch so far:

WoW job 7.3 trailer

A full trailer was presented at Gamescom for Shadows that Argus – the complete name of the patch. Right here it is:

They also showed the first of the in-game cinematics that will certainly play near the start of the patch:

WoW job 7.3 livestreams

As usual, there to be a livestream to talk around 7.3 shortly prior to release:

General 7.3 stuff with Ion Hazzikostas

There’s additionally this survival overview with Blizzard’s standard, shouty voiceover, providing you a fast view of every little thing available:

WoW job 7.3 balance changes

7.3, as is the plan for significant patches, isn’t claimed to encompass a vast balance patch, however there are a few changes:

The Avoidance stat has been lessened in efficiency by 27% at every levels.
Death Knight
FrostDev comments:The synergy between Hungering Rune Weapon and Breath the Sindragosa has dominated the spec, leaving tiny room because that variety. We’re adjusting this combo, and also overall damages has raised to compensate. The an outcome should be a more competitive talent picture. All 3 level 100 talents space tweaked for balance and also to play much more smoothly. Hungering Rune Weapon need to still be hectic to use and require planning, but should not significantly overcap sources anymore.All damages increased by 14%.Hungering Rune Weapon has moved to the level 100 row, swapping with Glacial Advance, i beg your pardon is now on the level 58 row.Breath that Sindragosa damage increased through 10%.Hungering Rune Weapon duration lessened to 12 seconds (was 15 seconds) and furthermore grants 20% haste.Obliteration duration boosted to 10 secs (was 8 seconds).Obliteration now reasons Howling Blast to give Killing device (in addition to Frost Strike).Dev comments:These changes collectively minimize Frost’s propensity to be submarine with resources in many of its talent/legendary setupsHorn of Winter cooldown increased to 45 secs (was 30 seconds).Murderous performance chance reduced to 50% (was 65%).Koltira’s Newfound will generates 1 Rune (was 2) and now reasons Obliterate to transaction 10% extra damage.Dev comments:The complying with talents have shifted around in the talent tree come provide more choices and allow for far better balanced options. This calls for targeted balance changes.Runic Attenuation is currently level 56, Murderous effectiveness is currently at level 57, and Frozen Pulse is currently level 90.Freezing Fog effect decreased to 20% (was 30%).Frozen Pulse damage reduced by 39%.Icy Talons bonus boosted to 15% (was 10%).Shattering Strikes bonus boosted to 60% (was 40%).Dev comments:The energy talent row on level 75 need to now administer a better payoff in instances where Frost’s comparative lack of mobility is felt.Volatile Shielding now causes Anti-Magic covering to generate 100% added Runic strength (was: gets rid of Runic power generation), and also no longer deals damage.White Walker replaced with brand-new talent, Inexorable Assault: because that every 1 2nd spent in combat with no enemy within 8 yards, you get a stack of Inexorable Assault. Each stack causes your next autoattack to deal additional Frost damage.
All SpecsMass Entanglement is currently a 15-yard AoE roughly the target.Prowl cooldown diminished to 6 secs (was 10 seconds).Rebirth is currently castable in every forms.FeralDev comments:Feral’s update are concentrated on addressing two concerns with the spec: reducing the supremacy of complexifying talent such together Savage Roar, Jagged Wounds, and Bloodtalons, and also reducing the damage gap between learning the spec and playing it perfectly. Feral has traditionally been a high skill-cap spec, and also we have actually no on purpose of an altering that, yet this suite that updates must make the spec an ext approachable and also less punishing because that those still finding out its nuances.All damages increased through 33%.Bloodtalons damage bonus reduced to 20% (was 50%), and also now furthermore procs from spreading Entangling Roots.Elune’s accuse cooldown lessened to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds), and also combo point out granted lessened to 5 + 5 over 5 secs (was 5 + 8 over 8 seconds).Fixed a an insect with Incarnation: King of the Jungle, whereby Ferocious Bite’s optional additional 25 energy cost wasn’t being lessened by 50% as intended.Incarnation: King that the Jungle currently only enables the usage of Prowl when in combat once throughout its duration, and now reduces the expense of every Cat kind abilities by 50% while active (was 60%).Jagged Wounds now reasons your Rip, Rake, and Thrash ability to deal the same damage as normal, yet in 20% much less time (was 33%).Moment the Clarity’s damage bonus to affected abilities raised to 20% (was 15%), and now influence Brutal Slash.Predatory Swiftness no much longer affects or is consumed by Rebirth.Sabertooth damage bonus to Ferocious Bite boosted to 20% (was 15%).Savage Roar duration boosted by 50% at all combo point levels, and damage bonus reduced to 15% (was 25%).Tear the meat (Artifact trait) currently increases damages dealt through Rake by 6% (was 7%) per rank.Dev comments:The complying with talents have shifted roughly in the talent tree come provide much more choices and enable for far better balanced options.Elune’s Guidance has actually moved to level 100 row, swapping with Brutal Slash, i beg your pardon is now on the level 90 row.Jagged Wounds has moved come level 75, swapping with Savage Roar, which is currently on the level 90 row.Dev comments:The rhythm and pacing of AoE instances should currently feel more consistent through the rest of Feral’s abilities.Swipe Energy expense reduced to 40 (was 45).Thrash Energy expense reduced to 45 (was 50).Thrash currently generates 1 combo suggest if it access time a target.Dev comments:Savage Roar is normally maintained at complete uptime, so the “deals increased damage for their full duration” top top it detailed no gameplay, only included complication. In comparison, Tiger’s Fury and Bloodtalons still carry out interesting gameplay because of their limited nature.Savage Roar now increases the damage of Feral damages over time effects dynamically, based on whether Savage Roar is energetic or inactive at the time of dealing damage. Previously, Feral damage over time abilities handle a set amount of full damage end their complete duration based upon whether Savage Roar was energetic or not once the damage over time abilities were cast. Tiger’s Fury and Bloodtalons functionality continues to be unchanged.
All SpecsThe Porcupine family members has been re-named to Rodent.
WindwalkerRushing Jade Wind damage increased through 22%.Nearly all damage sources are currently covered through Versatility, and these were 2 that didn’t should be left out.Touch of Death’s damage is now raised by Versatility.Touch of Karma’s damage is now raised by Versatility.
All SpecsThe Paladin course mount merchant now uses a glyph that allows Paladins to change their magnificent Steed into their course mount.Blessing of Sacrifice need to now robustly prevent versus reducing the spreading Paladin below 20% health.Dev comments: This is a bugfix come Blessing that Sacrifice to eliminate the concern with that reducing friend to listed below the listed health amount, and also even occasionally killing you. It must now be for sure to rely on that to execute as expected.RetributionDev comments:Traits and also legendaries the buff Crusade have to still it is in attractive, however not as far ahead the the load as they formerly were.All damages abilities increased by 6%.Chain the Thrayn currently correctly, additively stacks with Crusade.Wrath of the Ashbringer trait bonus diminished to 2 seconds per location (was 2.5 seconds per rank).Mastery’s impact on Judgment damages increased by 46%, and also Mastery’s result on judgment debuff strength boosted by 17%.Execution Sentence damages increased by 17%.Righteous tongue trait bonus lessened to 4% every rank (was 5% every rank).Unbreakable will is no much longer triggered when you’re under the result of Sleep Canister.ProtectionDev comments:There need to now be much less DPS and also survivability swing between Seraphim and also non-Seraphim builds. Non-Seraphim builds now do better damage, and Seraphim builds execute not sacrifice as lot defense as they formerly did.Seraphim cooldown increased to 45 seconds (was 30 seconds)Damage enhanced by 8%: Avenger’s Shield, Judgment, Hammer of the Righteous, Blessed Hammer, Consecration, Shield that the Righteous, Eye that Tyr.Bulwark that the silver- Hand now provides 35% Armor (was 20%).
ElementalEarthquake damage increased through 19%.Static Overload redesigned: After making use of Stormkeeper, your next Chain Lightning causes Elemental Overload to trigger on every target.Elemental continues to have solid AoE capabilities, but we want to help make their solitary target damage a bit an ext attractive.All damages abilities enhanced by 6% (with the exemption of Chain Lightning).Earth Shock damages increased by 7%.Frost Shock damages increased through 13%.This set of transforms gives elemental much more room to benefit from your mastery stat prior to reaching the tough cap that 100% proc rate.Elemental Blast damage increased by 7%.Elemental Blast now provides 2000 stats in ~ level 110 (was 2400).Elemental Overload now does 85% of base damages (was 75%) and its proc rate has actually been reduced by 17%.Totem Mastery: Storm Totem bonus decreased to 5% (was 10%).
Healthstone currently heals 25% that the user’s wellness at every levels.Dev comments: Healthstones must be an ext useful at current endgame health amounts.
FuryJuggernaut damages bonus decreased to 3% every stack (was 5% every stack).Execute damages increased by 20%.

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WoW spot 7.3 raid: Antorus, the burn Throne


We really much doubt that the similar naming convention to Azeroth’s icey seat is accidental. This is, as much as we know, the final raid that Legion and the last bastion of the huge bads. It’s in Argus’ Antoran Wastes an ar (more ~ above that down below). Here’s the ceo list:

Garothi WorldbreakerHounds of SargerasWar CouncilPortal keeper HasabelEonar, the LifebinderAccording come the dungeon journal, we’ll be protecting rather than straight fighting Eonar.Imonar the SoulhunterKin’garothVarimathrasThe Coven that ShivarraAggramarArgus the Unmaker

You can tell it’s a big, vital raid because a the majority of the bosses have actually servers named after them. What’s to be datamined so much from the dungeon journal is easily accessible on Wowhead, they’ve additionally got various maps and loading displays for the area.

Why is there a ceo (who looks like a Titan follow to datamined models) with the exact same name as the planet, through a blank dungeon journal? Grab nine friends and find out. There’s additionally this kill video via one of the Chinese guilds act heavy experimentation on the PTR: