The duo"s Funny or dice clip is a "sequel" to Crystal"s 1989 movie v Meg Ryan that additionally features Mike Tyson -- and a shocking twist.

You are watching: When harry met sally 2 with billy crystal and helen mirren

Billy decision spoofs his beloved 1989 hit film When take care of Met Sally in a clip because that Funny or Die.

The premise is the Sally (Meg Ryan) has died and also Crystal’s age Harry find a 2nd soulmate in Sharon, play by Helen Mirren.

Crystal and Rob Reiner — who directed the initial movie — pitch the idea the a sequel to some movie executives, including one played by Parks and also Recreation’s Adam Scott, who suggests a shocking, hilarious twist that you have to see because that yourself.

Mike Tyson, comedian Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph and Glee’s Mike O’Malley also pop up in the video.

Watch the clip below.

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When take care of Met Sally 2 through Billy crystal & Helen Mirren native Billy Crystal

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