Dear Quote Investigator: A popular poem around perseverance contains these lines:

When all is pushing you under a bit—Rest if you must, yet don’t girlfriend quit.

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The poets man Greenleaf Whittier and Edgar A. Guest have actually both to be credited. Would you please identify the yes, really author?

Quote Investigator: Edgar A. Guest to be a an extremely popular poet because that several years during the twentieth century, and also his poems appeared in a syndicated newspaper column. On march 3, 1921 he released the complying with work: 1

Keep Going

When points go wrong, as they occasionally will,When the roadway you’re trudging seems all increase hill,When the funds room low and also the debts room high,And you want to smile, however you have to sigh,When care is pushing you under a bit,Rest if you must—but don’t friend quit.

Life is queer through its twists and turns,As every among us periodically learns,And plenty of a failure transforms aboutWhen he might have won had he grounding it out;Don’t give up, though the pace appears slow—You may succeed with another blow.

Often the score is nearer thanIt appears to a faint and faltering man,Often the struggler has given upWhen he might have recorded the victor’s cup,And the learned too late, once the night slipped down,How nearby he was to the gold crown.

Success is failure turned inside out—The silver tint of the clouds that doubt,And girlfriend never can tell just how close you are,It might be near when it seems afar;So stick come the fight as soon as you’re hardest hit—It’s as soon as things it seems ~ worst the you mustn’t quit.

During the decades after publishing the occupational was generally disseminated, yet the attribution was frequently changed. In addition, words, phrases, and also stanzas to be sometimes transformed or deleted.

Below are added selected citations in chronological order.

The syndicated pillar with Guest’s poem an initial appeared top top the same day in “The Indianapolis Star” the Indianapolis, Indiana, the “Elmira Star-Gazette” of Elmira, brand-new York, 2 “The Ogden Standard-Examiner” that Ogden, Utah, 3 and also many various other newspapers.

In January 1922 the poem appeared in the “New Ulm Review” of new Ulm, Minnesota, 4 yet Edgar Guest was no mentioned; instead, “Labor” that Washington D.C received acknowledgment.

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In 1931 “The Courier-News” that Plainfield, brand-new Jersey printed just the an initial stanza and did not credit Guest. Also, the expression “have come sigh” was changed to “heave a sigh”: 5

In the CupboardBy Nellie Maxwell

“When things go wrong, as they periodically will,When the road you’re trudging appears all increase hill,When the funds space low and also the debts are highAnd you want to smile, yet you heave a sigh.When care is pushing you down a bit,Rest if you must—but don’t girlfriend quit.”

In 1945 the “Naugatuck day-to-day News” Naugatuck, Connecticut omitted the 3rd stanza while printing the various other three. The work-related was retitled “Life” and ascribed to by Genevieve Pajeski. 6

In 1973 “A Speaker’s Treasury because that Educators, Convocation Speakers, Baccalaureate Speakers, and also Others” compiled through Herbert V. Prochnow published a slightly changed one stanza version without attribution: 7

When points Go Wrong

When points go wrong, together they periodically will, once the road you’re trudging appears all uphill; as soon as funds room low and debts are high, and you want to smile, however you sit and sigh; when care is pushing you down a bit, rest, if girlfriend must, however don’t girlfriend quit!

In 2014 the website “Your daily Poem” shared a version of the city under the location “Don’t Quit”. The size was reduce to 3 stanzas and eighteen lines. The phrase “Life is queer” was adjusted to “Life is strange”. John Greenleaf Whittier obtained credit. 8

In conclusion, Edgar A. Guest should receive credit transaction for the poem he released in march 1921. End the years, the poem has been transformed repeatedly. That has likewise been wrongly reassigned come other individuals or labeling anonymous.

(Great thanks to Earl E. Appleby Jr. And Doug Lima whose tweets led QI to formulate this question and perform this exploration.)

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