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Judy D Wood
: , 2010.

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To identify what happened on 9/11, all accessible evidence should be considered. We cannot pick and choose i beg your pardon observable truth we may want to explain and then neglect the others. Any type of explanation must take into consideration all the obtainable evidence ... No one of the facts, events, anomalies, or phenomena that have actually been listed, discussed, and also analyzed in this publication can be explained by airliner crashes, jet fuel fires, or any scheme of controlled demolition. A compare of the 911 evidence accumulated with the evidence of results produced by the well-established Hutchison effect shows the a comparable technology was employed in the devastation of the towers ..."--Page 483-484. Review more...

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9780615412566 0615412564
xxxvi, 500 pages : illustrations (some color), shade maps ; 26 cm + 1 card (17 x 25 cm)
The billiard ball example --The "jumpers" --Magic shows and the strength of suggestion --The bathtub --Seismic impact --Conventional regulated demolition: "bombs in the buildings" --Dustification --Where did the structures go? --Holes --Toasted cars --Tissue beams and tortilla chips --Weird fires --Dust cloud rollout --Fuzzballs --Lather --Perceptual conformity --The Tesla-Hutchison result --Hurricane Erin --Earth"s magnetic ar on 9/11 --Tesla-hurricane-magnetometer correlation --Rolled-up carpets.
by Judy Wood.


To identify what taken place on 9/11, all easily accessible evidence must be considered. Us cannot pick and choose i beg your pardon observable truth we might want to explain and then ignore the others. Any kind of explanation must consider all the obtainable evidence ... None of the facts, events, anomalies, or phenomena that have been listed, discussed, and analyzed in this publication can be defined by airliner crashes, jet fuel fires, or any type of scheme of controlled demolition. A to compare of the 911 evidence collected with the evidence of results created by the well-established Hutchison impact shows the a comparable technology to be employed in the destruction of the towers ..."--Page 483-484.

Factual proof proving the original story said to all the people is a lie. Additionally all alternative media that has actually jumped on the bandwagon of explosions additionally shown to it is in propaganda. Welcome to the truth, even if it is you like it or not. Castle control totally free energy technology that was...


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Factual evidence proving the original story said to all the world is a lie. Additionally all different media that has jumped ~ above the bandwagon the explosions additionally shown to be propaganda. Welcome come the truth, whether you favor it or not. They control cost-free energy an innovation that was uncovered by Nicola Tesla that was disposed of. Cost-free ENERGY EXISTS, us ARE servants TO THEIR mechanism FOLKS!!




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