Destiny 2 updated Kiosk System? vacation Kiosk, silver- Dust Kiosk, Ghost/Artifact/Class items Kiosk? Etc.

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This is my an initial post ~ above, so ns don't know if I'm doing the right, let me know just how I have the right to get far better at this! I expropriate advice, upvotes, and also downvotes! have the right to I use more than one flair?

I'm a Year 1 Xbox One player (Started around two or three days after The Dark below launched) and also my GT is the very same as my I have actually a love/hate connection with the game. But I carry out love it, and also some loot. Due to the fact that Destiny 1 is comes to an finish I'm trying to grind out part collections and what not. I'm a completionist and love grinding some loot.

So ns LOVE the Kiosk system that bring away King first implemented. And I love the Bungie included a holiday Kiosk back however long earlier as well as a silver Dust save Kiosk. However I have actually some questions regarding all that the contents particular kiosks hold.

Festival that The shed + Crimson job Gear

2015 Festival of The Lost

I think you can achieve all 17 masks indigenous 2015 FOTL indigenous the Kiosk including the exclude, Skull Mask (Wasn't obtainable throughout 2016 FOTL if I'm recalling correctly).

2016 Festival that The Lost

2016 FOTL introduced 8 an ext masks consisting of the insane Firewolf mask locked behind prizes Of The Lost.

So girlfriend should be able to have all 25 of this masks unlocked in the Kiosk? space all/most of them obtainable from prizes Of The Ages? I more than likely have around 10 or 11.

I also know the the two ghosts the Ghost Ghost and the Deviled Ghost space reobtainable from the Kiosk.

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So why the hell i do not know you reclaim the Sugary covering or the Crimson covering from Crimon Days???

My last question around the holiday Kiosk is how plenty of SRL sets have the right to everyone take it from it? ~ above the left on my Titan I have actually the Circuit collection and the inert which is native the book I believe. No course item for the left. Climate on the ideal I have the Finisher/Speeder collection from ROI. I recognize the new set has actually ornaments because that the 2015 SRL Jade Rabbit/Bright Ward set. Are there other older set or any kind of other SRL equipment you feel need to be in the kiosk? Or that can be?

For the silver Dust keep my just question is space the desolate and the lantern to adjust the only two set of armor you have the right to take out of there?

What would certainly you choose to see applied in Destiny 2? would you want a vacation Kiosk that stores the holiday shaders/emblems/sparrows/consumables? much more armor sets indigenous kiosks? Updated/more organized shader/emblem/ships kiosks? I understand I would certainly personally love Ghost and also artifact kiosks. Maybe also an in game grimoire Kiosk or miscellaneous similar.