I upgraded to a PS4 pro a few weeks back and have actually put off registering it for guarantee. Now i finally got about to doing it, i cannot find the serial number. There is no serial number top top the box just a model number and also according come Sony the serial number starts with MC and also is under the barcode. There is no number the starts with MC on the console.

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Theres a 17 number number under the barcode on the console however it go not begin with MC. Is that the serial number?


On package - The serial number is 11 personalities long. It begins with the letter "MC" and also ends v 9 numbers. That is situated on the bottom dashboard of the box, listed below the bar code.

On the PS4PRO - The serial number is 11 personalities long. It begins with the letters "MC" and also ends v 9 numbers. That is situated on the rear panel that the system, close to the bar code. It's easiest to read the serial number when the PS4 Pro device is upside down.

The number ~ above the barcode walk not begin with letter it starts with 03 and also is the only number on/near the barcode.

Bit so late here, but just uncovered your question as i was trying to job-related it out myself today.

The correct format (for UK PS4 Pro) is xx-12345678-1234567 i m sorry is what the registration site asks for, but yeah, the barcodes on the box don't aid at all.

The website Rich_hard1 attached to looks choose the united state site and those formats match nothing ~ above my box or console (thanks because that trying come help, but sorry, no dice here)

Turn the console over, there's a really tiny barcode ~ above the topmost "fin" (I took a photo with my phone therefore I might zoom in because that a much more comfortable eye experience). Encountering the upside under console, it's top top the right-hand side.

I just registered mine through this 17 digit password on the Sony site and also it seems happy with it.

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HTH :)


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