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Cultist reservation Locations/Missions

One the the key systems in the game is remove the Cult that Kosmos. From very early ~ above in the game you have actually a pursuit to kill every member, however you will certainly not be able till you have actually beaten the Odyssey storyline. The cultists execute not show up ~ above the map till you have enough ideas to expose them, therefore it deserve to be complicated to find them all in this large world. Also, several of them room gated behind story or next quests, for this reason you can slam your head against a wall surface trying to discover them as soon as it is actually difficult to till you finish a mission. For this reason hopefully, this web page will aid you find all the cultists!

Some the the cultis leader names can be seen as spoilers, so because that them i did not incorporate their names, simply in case. If you want to understand their names, go to the quest pages that reveal them.

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Eyes that Kosmos (top left branch):

From left come right:

Elpenor: girlfriend don"t need to worry about this one, you will certainly kill him during the Snake in the Grass main quest.Sotera: girlfriend will gain this clue throughout the Serpent"s Lair main quest.The Master: One proviso is discovered during the Serpent"s Lair main quest. He only reveals himself throughout the A Life"s worth side quest, situated on Silver hill in southern Attika. ~ you end up that quest, you have the right to kill him on the spot.Hermippos: This cultist go not appear until you complete the Free decided side pursuit in Athens. If this quest has actually not shown up yet, execute the accessible Sokrates character pursuit until this one pops up. It have to pop up inside the Akropolis"s grounds.Midas: you will obtain the proviso you require from the Serpent"s Lair key quest.Nyx the Shadow: death all cult members top top this branch to expose her.The silver- Vein (middle left branch):

From left to right, top an initial then bottom:

Epikitos the Forthcoming: You can be a tiny confused why this cult member is dead, together you never eliminated him. But, this is the cultist who Deimos death in your very first altercation through them, as soon as they realize that you are. For this reason this is a freebie!The Chimera: you will expose this cultist after the Serpent"s Lair main quest.The Centaur of Euboea: friend will reveal this cultist ~ the Serpent"s Lair key quest.The silver Griffin: One clue is found on The Chimera"s body. The following clue deserve to be discovered in the silver- Mine within Silver hill in southerly Attika. Inside the cavern go all the means through and also you will uncover a chest up in the rafters that includes the clue.
Machaon the Feared: One clue is uncovered on The silver Griffin"s corpse. The critical clue have the right to be uncovered on a dead body in Shipwreck Cove in Archaia. Here is whereby the human body is:
And here is what that looks choose in game:
Polemon the Wise: kill all cult members ~ above this branch to reveal them.Delian organization (bottom left branch):

From left come right:

Brison: The two hints you should reveal the come from the Serpent"s Lair and Escape from Athens key quest. The latter is one of the pursuits Perikles sends you on when you arrive in Athens.Podarkes the Cruel: One reservation is uncovered on Brison"s corpse. The last clue is found during one of two people Call to eight or Hades, accomplish Podarkes quests.Rhexenor the Hand: One clue comes from the Serpent"s Lair main quest. You will find him completely during the A-Musing Tale main quest.Iobates the Stoic: One clue originates from Podarkes"s corpse. The various other clue deserve to be uncovered on a mercenary"s body, therefore your finest bet is to kill a mercenary ~ above the islands and loot their bodies until you find it.Kodros the Bull: One clue originates from Podarkes"s corpse. The other comes as soon as you defeat Tito of Athens in the Arena in Pephka.(SPOILER): This leader will be revealed throughout The fight of Pylos.Heroes of the Cult (top right branch):

From right to left:

Okytos the Great: girlfriend will reveal this cultist after ~ the Serpent"s Lair key quest.Swordfish: One clue comes from the Serpent"s Lair main quest. He will be revealed during the Myths and Minotaurs main quest, during the Blood in the Water support quest.Belos the Beast of Sparta: you will expose this cultist ~ the Serpent"s Lair main quest.Deianeira: One proviso is uncovered on Okytos the Great"s corpse. Girlfriend will find her throughout The loss of Deianeira main quest.Pallas the Silencer: One clue originates from the Serpent"s Lair main quest. The various other clue can be bought native a blacksmith in Korinthia as a torn up flag in ~ the bottom of their "Buy" screen. Ns don"t understand if it has to be a certain blacksmith, so below is wherein I uncovered it:
Exekias the Legend: kill all cult members ~ above this branch to expose them.Worshippers the the Bloodline (middle appropriate branch):

From best to left, top first then bottom:

Zoisme: One clue comes from the Serpent"s Lair main quest. The other clue can be discovered in a wolf den in Phokis, aptly named "Wolf Den". Inside the cave, over there is a endowment chest that includes the clue.
Harpalos: The proviso to expose him have the right to be discovered on the human body of a follower of Ares within the "Cave the Kratos". The cavern is located in the northern component of Phokis, just kill everyone inside and also loot your bodies to discover the clue. Here is whereby the cavern is:
Chrysis: She will be revealed ~ the main story pursuit The Herald that Murder or The clergymans of Asklepios.(Slight Spoiler): One reservation is discovered on Harpalos"s corpse. She will certainly be revealed after perfect the series of next quests starting with I, Diona.Melite: One clue have the right to be discovered off the #4 cultist ~ above this branch. The critical clue will certainly be offered to friend after you finish the questline start with Minotaur De Force and ending through No more Bull.Iokaste the Seer: kill all cult members in this branch to reveal them.Gods that the Aegean Sea (bottom ideal branch):

From best to left:

Asterion: friend will expose this cultist after the Serpent"s Lair main quest.Sokos: One clue will be uncovered after killing Asterion. Because that him come reveal, you must weaken the Obsidian Islands till you deserve to do a occupation Battle, and then participate in one. The does not issue which next you choose.The Octopus: you will obtain the proviso to reveal this cultist off of Sokos"s corpse.Melanthos: One clue is found on The Octopus"s corpse. To acquire the last clue, you need to kill the leader that Messera and also loot his body.The Mytilenian Shark: One proviso is found on Melanthos"s body. The last clue is found in an underwater ar north of Thera, here:
The Hydra: kill all cult members in this branch to expose them.Peloponnesian league (bottom branch):

From left come right:

Undiscovered: One clue comes from the Serpent"s Lair main quest. The last clue comes from the country chest in Lokris, i m sorry is inside the Xerxes Military ft in eastern Lokris, top top the east coastline of the Red Lake.
Monger: You will kill the as part of the story. The searches you require to finish to death him room To find a Girl, To help a Girl, Follow the Boat, harbor of Lawlessness, and Monger Down.Lagos the Archon: friend will discover him during the To death or not to kill main mission.Kallias: friend will find him throughout The Contender main quest.Silanos that Paros: You require to complete the Death and also Disorder key quest to reveal him. And also to kill him, girlfriend will have to do it throughout the United front main quest.(SPOILER): friend will obtain proof the this leader either throughout The conquer or Judge, Jury, Executioner or never. View The Bloody Feast main search if you desire some details ~ above what selections to make to find the clues.

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The critical two room Deimos, that is the leader top top the top, and revealed ~ the Serpent"s Lair main quest, and the cult leader, that will just be revealed ~ you have killed every single other cultist.