In this Ark: Valguero resources Guide, we will present you the finest locations to uncover resources in the brand brand-new map Valguero because that ARK: survive Evolved. This guide will accurately decide the collaborates of every the locations where you can collect the assorted resources the video game offers.

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Valguero comes together the new extensive map in Ark: survival Evolved. As soon as you start your trip in this new world, friend will desire to look for resources. Our guide will present you every the areas where we have uncovered resourceful items like Polymer, Cementing Paste, Pearls, Obsidian, etc.

Ark: Valguero sources Guide

Below us have thorough all the source locations uncovered in Valguero map the the game. Monitor the coordinates that we have actually shared listed below where friend will find the exact locations of the resources.


There room a couple of locations where you can discover Polymer in Valguero. The places are detailed below:

38.5, 34.9: This is a beach wherein you can find a lot of dolphins to collect polymer18.7, 89.1: This location is at the eye biome whereby you can discover lots that penguins spawning around in this area. For this reason you have actually plenty the polymer the you can collect here


The easiest location to find pearls is the rivers. The finest locations to find them is the river that is dead center of the map:

42.6, 53.3: Look approximately underwater in this river whereby you will uncover plenty of pearl scattered about in the river.37.8, 33.1: In the westernmost side of the flow is one underwater cave system. It contains a lot of Black Pearls and also Silica Pearls. There room a many sharks, squids eel in the water, for this reason you need to be cautious in your approach.

You can also find some pearls end at the white cliffs in the water pools, or through the eco-friendly obelisk if you in require for much more pearls.

Cementing Paste

Cementing paste is the many sought source item for anybody in a new location. Valguero is no different, and also it does market some locations where you have the right to collect Cementing Paste. Walk to the locations listed below for cementing paste:

53.6, 73.3: There room multiple beaver dams right here where you have the right to collect Cementing Paste. This area uses the most Cementing Paste, which is also going come attract much more players.39.9, 16.4: This next location is no going to be so crowded, and it can give you a most Cementing Paste. This need to be the very first location whereby you must go to get the cementing paste.


You can discover lots that Oil in the snowy region of the map. Especially around the area whereby you can uncover Polymer. The exact location on the map is listed below:

17.9, 88.7: over there is a the majority of oil nodes approximately here and also is the ideal place to come if girlfriend don’t have actually an Oil Pump.

Obsidian and also Crystal

You can discover a the majority of Crystal and also Obsidian littered about this area. Walk to the precise locations discussed below:

14.3, 81.9: This place will take it you come a snowy mountain that has actually a lot of Obsidian scattered roughly at the basic of it. Meanwhile, the optimal of the hill will have actually lots of crystal that you have the right to collect because that yourself.81.0, 75.1: over there is a lot of Obsidian and also Crystal that you have the right to collect below in the White Cliff area.


There is an numerous supply the Sulfur in Valguero, and much more so in the Wyvern Scar location. Go to the ar mentioned below:

08.1, 77.1: This place has a the majority of sulfur and it is also easily recognizable v its yellow color.


Cactus have the right to be a small hard to find, but it is uncovered in the White Cliff area i m sorry is a very good spot because that a kind amount the Cactus.

74.1, 86.1: friend can discover some big and tiny Cactus approximately here, yet its best to look approximately for an ext in this region.

Metal, Fungal Wood, Gems

You can find a many of steel in the new map, as there is a lot scattered about in many areas. However, if are looking to collection the many out that a location, climate you must head end to the Aberration Trench. This location contains a many Metal, Fungal Wood, and also Green Gems.

38.9, 57.6: you will find Aberration Trench right alongside the lake. This will certainly take you come deeper come the place of the resources.30.0, 62.1: In the trench, you will uncover a many Metal, Fungal Wood and Green jewel in this area that you can collect.

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Raw Salt

There is a really an excellent location because that you to find Raw Salt. Walk to the location mentioned below:

78.1, 90.0: This ar is at the bottom right region of the map, and also it includes a many Raw Salt at the bottom that the valley.

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