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Welcome come the Accreditation Toolkit draft to aid domestic, publicly funded labs and also units v achieving accreditation based on a recognized international standard. Many thanks come the Forensic modern technology Center the Excellence, led through RTI International, with a cooperative Agreement native the national Institute of justice (NIJ), Office of justice Programs, U.S. Room of justice for resources the advance of this toolkit and also the Accreditation Initiative.

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The Accreditation plan (AAI) team is comprised of activities directors, high quality assurance managers and technical subject matter experts that have been trained and certified as Assessors by an accrediting organization and have served in the function as one Assessor for an accreditation program. Click right here to see the members the the AAI team.

Accrediting Bodies


A2LA programs for the accreditation of trial and error laboratories, calibration laboratories, investigate bodies, proficiency experimentation providers, medical trial and error laboratories, reference material producers and also product certification bodies.


ANSI national Accreditation plank (ANAB) accreditation and training solutions provider in the area of monitoring systems, personnel and also product certification bodies, laboratories, inspection bodies, forensic company providers, capability testing and also reference product producers.

Specialized Training

A2LA rectal Training

Be a leader in your sector by structure confidence and consistency in your product v A2LA WPT’s broad spectrum the instructor-led and also online e-learning training courses.


ANAB offers training to individuals and also organizations seek to obtain knowledge and better understanding the accreditation-related requirements and also processes. management Academy

The management Academy is a maintain program offered by the American society of Crime activities Directors for managerial personnel in forensic scientific research laboratories.

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FTCOE Webinars

The nationwide Institute of justice (NIJ) Forensic technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) is cursed to improving the practice and also strengthening the affect of forensic science.

NIST Webinars

The nationwide Institute of criter and modern technology (NIST) is a physical scientific researches laboratory, and also a non-regulatory company of the United states Department of Commerce. That mission is to promote innovation and also industrial competitiveness.

Lab Manager

Lab Manager features posts relating come management, technology, and equipment typical to laboratories in industry, medicine, universities, and others.

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Information about Forensic Accreditation Standards

ISO/IEC 17025:2017

General needs for the competence the testing and calibration laboratories

ISO/IEC 17020:2012

Conformity assessment—Requirements because that theoperation of various varieties of body performinginspection


The chemistry manufacturer, distributor, or importer must carry out Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) because that each hazardous chemistry to downstream individuals to interact information on these hazards.

OSHA Hazwoper

In stimulate to transfer materials, the laboratory will have to take this forced training (for the training section) - OSHA Hazwoper Training.


NFPA 45, typical on Fire defense for Laboratories using Chemicals, is the industry"s comprehensive resource for requirements for the fire safe design and operation that instructional, educational, and also industrial laboratories to protect against injury come lab occupants.

Organization scientific Area Committees


American Academy that Forensic sciences

Accreditation standards Board

Alaska DPS
Arizona DPS
Arkansas State Crime rap
District the Columbia room of Forensic scientific research
Georgia office of investigation
Houston Forensic Science facility
Idaho State Police Forensic solutions
North Caroline State Crime activities
Las las vegas Metro Police room
Texas department of Public security
Virginia department of Forensic science
Shared Manuals 17020
Shared Manuals 17025
Templates ISO needs
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123*Required for Accreditation, Standards arising Organizations, common Manuals


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Topics & FAQ

Why is accreditation important?

activities accreditation represents the formal recognition to skilled laboratories indicating technical competence to perform in accordance with sector standards. It likewise provides a way for client to identify and also select reliable testing, measurement and also calibration services able to meet their needs.

when achieving accreditation, departments will realize an prompt return on investment in cost, time, and resources. Critical outcome of accreditation is to minimization the risk of reporting inaccurate outcomes to the client through ongoing conformance come requirements and a commitment come ensuring:

Repeatable and also validated processes Intentional stakeholder engagement Employee competency and also proficiency trusted customer service consistent improvement Risk evaluation and mitigation Validated systems and practices A quality management system

achieve accreditation to represent the ongoing commitment to continue to effort to meet and also exceed client expectations by understanding their objectives, developing and also delivering fix up solutions, and also becoming one invaluable resource to the customer.

here are some benefits that accreditation.

1. Accreditation boosts outcomes and also mitigates risks.

2. Accreditation identify strengths and also gaps in programs and processes. Accreditation discover what is lacking from a lab’s programs and processes and focuses fist on the locations greatest needed.

3. Accreditation disclosure communication and employee empowerment throughout organizations. It gives each person a better understanding of how they contribute to the organization mission. By working toward the very same standard, labs start speaking a usual language and can discover from each other’s experiences.

4. Accreditation fosters a society of quality and safety. Once employees view the confident outcomes that a well-run system, they want to continue making improvements together.

5. Accreditation can decrease risks and also liability costs and also adverse events. Various other financial services that have actually been cited are improved operational efficiency and reduced liability. Accreditation tells the customers the you have made a appointment to ideal practices and also regulatory requirements.

6. Accreditation promotes confidence in the laboratory output v all customers, consisting of law enforcement agencies, the criminal righteousness system and the basic public.

7. ISO accreditation is known by all in the forensic science community as the highest success indicating scientific and also technical competence in accordance v the international standard.

What form of threats can be mitigated through accreditation?

Laboratories that have accomplished accreditation market assurance come customers that they room doing business with technically knowledgeable personnel the keeps hazard mitigation in mind. To meet the ISO standards, the laboratory is compelled to have a great quality monitoring system in ar designed to minimize the chance of errors native occurring and also the capability to take immediate activity when nonconformities carry out occur. The ISO 17020 and also 17025 standards likewise require labs come implement and track actions like risk-based thinking and constant process advancement as an repeat process.

how do I achieve a cost estimate because that accreditation?

The cost of accreditation will certainly vary. To get a price estimate, the activities should call the accrediting body because that a quote because that accreditation and the accreditation cycle.

Please keep in mind that yearly maintenance for lab equipment, competency and also proficiency trial and error of rap personnel need to be thought about in the reoccurring expenses to keep accreditation.

exactly how long walk it take it to accomplish accreditation?

on average, it can take 18 - 24 months. However, over there are plenty of variables the can impact the speed and progression of reaching your accreditation goal.

as soon as the laboratory has selected one accrediting body, the laboratory and the accrediting body work-related together top top preparing because that accreditation. Before submitting an application to the accrediting body, the FSSP should understand the requirements for the accreditation program and also the complexities affiliated in your scope of accreditation.

Visit to evaluation the roadmap and also steps to accreditation.

Where deserve to I acquisition the ISO standard?

prior to purchasing the ISO standard, call the accrediting human body to testimonial their accreditation programs and which regimen is ideal suited for her lab.

Who space the an essential stakeholders that might be impacted by accreditation?

think about the stakeholder chart below and also the influence on those stakeholders when preparing because that accreditation. The lab might want to incorporate stakeholders in the planning because that accreditation.

What is the best means to organize controlled documents?

The link listed below will show an example of how documents can be aligned through the ISO 17025:2017 requirements. (add link to doc tree ~ above toolkit)

just how do you advice the accreditation programs and also determine i beg your pardon ISO conventional to use? call accrediting body to comment on their program and costs estimates. Also, talk about which ISO standard may be ideal suited for your lab based on your operations and the scope of accreditation. (ISO 17025:2017 or ISO 17020:2012) once the rap decides which conventional to use and also the accrediting body, acquisition the typical ( contact that accrediting human body to achieve their checklists/requirements required for accreditation. These checklists room in enhancement to the ISO standard. We have actually a brief deadline to accomplish accreditation. How can we expedite the moment to attain accreditation?

One means is come network with other accredited labs. Various other examples:

Review records from accredited laboratories come understand how the manuals room structured and also aligned through the ISO requirements. Schedule a visit to observe an evaluate or an internal audit of an accredited laboratory. sign up with and have accessibility to over 800 members indigenous domestic and international laboratories, industry, and also other forensic organizations. attend virtual and in-person training from the accrediting human body or various other resources such a these free webinars: to visit the annual symposium to network with various other accredited laboratories.

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Dedicate sources to the accreditation procedure to include a top quality manager.