Have you ever before wondered what Lunar Chronicles character you"d be? are you fiery, prefer Scarlet, awkward, favor Cress, jubilant, like Iko, or someone else? Well, now"s the moment to find out!

Answer these ethics/personality inquiries to discover out who you are. Please shot not to leave any kind of blank unless the quiz says to. Some questions might require you to leave a question blank so you can have much more options.

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developed by: Em C.

You"re walking through a ar one day, and also you watch a van barreling towards an old guy walking his puppy. You have the chance to save among them without placing yourself in danger, girlfriend could try to conserve both when risking your own life, or you could do nothing. What execute you do? I perform nothing. It"ll cause an ext despair if ns save only one, and also my life is much more important come me than saving both. Save the old man! He and also his family members will give thanks to me. Save the puppy. The puppy has much more life to live 보다 the old man. Shot to save both. Their resides are much more important than mine.Which animal are you many like? (Additional answers on the following question, just click other on this one if it isn"t one of these) Lion gold Retreiver Snake wolf Bunny Pomeranian Fox OtherContinuation of the previous question, click various other if her answer to be on the ahead question. Cat Monkey AntYou"re on a lifeboat in the center of the s that deserve to only sustain 2 people/animals. Your best friend, her mother, and also your favourite pet will drown if lock don"t gain on a lifeboat. You deserve to save only one. Which will it be? My finest friend. My mother. My favorite pet.You"re on a lifeboat in the middle of the s that have the right to only sustain two people/animals. Your finest friend, her mother, and your favorite pet will drown if castle don"t acquire on a lifeboat. You deserve to save just one. Which will certainly it be? My best friend. My mother. My favourite pet.Dogs or cats? Dogs! Cats! Snakes.You doubt your far-reaching other of cheating ~ above you through your a shared friend. What perform you do? carry out in depth research and also find out precisely what they"ve to be doing. They"re also scared to cheat, tbh. Nothing. Questioning them. I"m too cool to be cheated on.How would certainly you define yourself in one word? (Additional answers on the following question, just click various other if nobody of these) Ambitious funny Collected creative The-Most-Awesome Awkward loyal OtherContinuation that the ahead question, click other if your answer was on the ahead question. angry Fair SarcasticHere you go: the famed shade question the everybody either loves or hates. What"s your favorite color? Yellow Red Blue environment-friendly Orange PurpleLast question: how did you choose this quiz? It to be good! Eh. I could be doing much better things.

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