i m sorry Madoka Magica Character room You based upon Your Zodiac Sign? Madoka Magica is anime about magical girls, yet with a twist. These space the characters you are based upon your zodiac sign.

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Madoka Magica is just one of the most popular magical girl collection in anime. It to be the an initial to take a darker spin on the wonder girl genre, creating a world where having actually a great come true constantly comes through a price.

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Even though ending up being a miracle girl isn"t what it seems to be on the surface, numerous fans tho relate come the characters, i m sorry is why it"s so basic to sympathize v the girl in the show. V their distinct personalities, different Madoka characters can be suitable with various Zodiac signs to watch which personality a sign is many like.

Aries indications pair well with Kyoko because both give off fiery passionate energy. Once she"s very first introduced in the anime, Kyoko is always looking to get into a fight and seems stubborn in her approaches to street herself native those who try to acquire close come her. When she begins to to trust her friends, however, she is extremely kind and believes the love and also courage are the most important parts of life. Aries signs deserve to relate come her viewpoint of battling things out come come out on top.

Iroha is the key protagonist of Magia Record, a recent spinoff of the original Madoka anime based upon a mobile video game of the exact same name. Iroha is kind and patient and never has actually a temper. She"s much an ext level-headed and calm than many of the other magical girls. Like a Taurus, Iroha is patient in getting to understand others and is exceptionally loyal to those she loves. However, Iroha have the right to be headstrong or stubborn in ~ times, especially when it pertains to discovering information around the disappearance of her tiny sister, Ui.

Nagisa Momoe is a good match for the carefree, high-spirited Gemini sign since of her innocent, childlike personality. Nagisa appears in the Madoka Rebellion movie. Favor Nagisa, Geminis love to it is in whimsical and free. A Gemini would most likely make a comparable wish to Nagisa when becoming a wonder girl: Nagisa wished to eat cheesecake v her mom one last time and also loves everything about cheese.

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Nagisa doesn"t beat a significant part in the collection in she magical girl form, yet she additionally appears together the cute creature Bebe and as the witch Charlotte, who is well known for what she does to Mami throughout their battle.

9 Cancer: Felicia

as a water sign, Cancers are deeply associated to your emotions, and also they always refer to exactly how their heart feels as soon as making essential decisions. Felicia is very ruled by her emotions, as checked out in she fighting style. She detests witches for what they did to she mom and dad, and also she vows to death every witch over there is to gain revenge. Even her wish to be focused exclusively on killing witches, since her emotions were rampant together Kyubey make a contract with her. A lot of the time, she dives into battle recklessly, together she is much more in tune with her feelings than through logical reasoning.

Leos are the most courageous sign in the Zodiac and care around protecting and fighting because that what castle love over all else. Sayaka"s decision to end up being a miracle girl to save Madoka shows just just how loyal she is to her friends. She loves gift a hero, and also at first, is dazzling to it is in a wonder girl who have the right to hunt witches and also save others. Leos also love to it is in the center of attention and also to be praised for your actions. Sayaka reflects this in she dismay after she feelings aren"t reverted by she crush, who she used her wish on so the he can play the violin again.

7 Virgo: Madoka

Virgos, favor Tauruses, are human being who room grounded and level-headed, even when whatever seems to it is in chaos. They have actually a the majority of room because that love in their hearts and are extremely supportive and also loyal friends. Madoka has actually the best heart the all, i beg your pardon is viewed in her decision to save all magical girl from their dreadful fate.

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Madoka is quiet and also caring and is reasonable in waiting to end up being a magical girl because she knew her wish had actually to be important enough. As soon as she does uncover her wish, she shows a Virgo-like high quality of taking action immediately. As soon as her love is collection on her choice, not even Homura"s pleading deserve to keep she from act what she trust is right.

Libras are among the many fun indicators to be about because that their hopeful outlook top top life and their extroverted personalities. In Magia Record, Tsuruno helps operation her family"s Chinese food restaurant and also is always full the energy and enthusiasm for her work. She also brings this zest into her personal life, as watched in just how optimistic and excited she constantly is when she"s with Yachiyo, Iroha, and her other friends. She is one of the first people to make Iroha feeling welcome in Kanihama city because of her friendly demeanor.

5 Scorpio: Homura

Homura is one of the many mysterious personalities of the anime. As soon as she start the story, her actions and also coldness towards others do her was standing out as result of her darker outlook on life. Scorpios are really intense people who don"t let civilization into their keys easily. Still, castle are an extremely emotionally in-tune and can manipulate a instance to go exactly how they want. Homura"s capacity to stop time gives her the strength to control any kind of aspect of life the she wants, and she provides this ability, again and also again, to shot and accomplish her ultimate score of conserving Madoka.

Sagittarians room independent souls that love to live wild and also free. In ~ the very same time, they space caring, and often take it on the function of being a mentor for others. Mami embraces the self-sufficient life the she lives. Though she does admit to gaining lonely, she is happy to make friends with Madoka and also Sayaka and is quick to take them under she wing as soon as explaining to them what it"s choose being a wonder girl.

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Sagittarians love to travel and live their stays to the fullest, and also Mami"s experience as a wonder girl shows that she has done a many to learn all the she knows.

3 Capricorn: Yachiyo

Capricorns space down come earth and also like to think realistically rather than through creative thinking or dreams. Your business-forward attitude and professional appearance often make castle seem an ext mature than various other signs. Yachiyo is an older, wiser miracle girl in the Magia Record anime. She has actually been a wonder girl for a lengthy time, and also learns native her past experiences, enabling them to affect her future decisions. She appears a little bit cold once Iroha first meets her, however that"s since she wants to make certain the other girl is for sure from the threats of Kanihama city.

Aquarians love the bizarre parts of life, from distinct ways of thinking to believing in aliens. Your strange personalities regularly make castle seem far-off or aloof, but this is since their heads are constantly whirling v thoughts and ideas. Not only is Kyubey one alien, yet this furry biology is really intelligent in a way that rather don"t instantly see. Kyubeys watch cute and also fluffy but additionally holds a depth of mystery and intrigue. In spite of Kyubey"s dubious reasonings and also behaviors, Aquarians are comparable to the method that Kyubey is always thinking in terms of the entire universe in ~ once.

1 Pisces: Sana

Pisces are constantly dreaming whether awake or asleep. They tend to be an extremely introverted, and also believe that it"s what on the inside that counts above all else. They choose quality over quantity in terms of friendship because they love to form deep relationships v everyone crucial to them. Sana has a troubled past due to the fact that of how her household treated her. She frequently felt invisible to others and dreamed of escaping right into a quieter, kinder world. She walk so because that a while life in AI however soon becomes closer to real human being who will aid her open up and explore what"s in she heart.

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