Strange monsters and supernatural villains live, show up mysteriously, and cause disasters.

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In order to combat it, he sent the superheroes to attend to them. Saitama is among these heroes, that live in the city “Z”, he have the right to overcome the bad guys and monsters very easily, with simply one punch. Nevertheless, that feels boring all the time, through his an excellent strength he finds no enthusiasm in combat, so he is trying to find a worthy opponent.

Through this collection and events, Saitama meets countless superheroes, solid villains, and monsters.

Likewise, Saitama has a student called Genus in the kind of a cyborg, where Saitama joins the Heroes association in stimulate to acquire official recognition.

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Is the Genos, Tatsumaki, Saitama, or Mumen!

Question of

What kind of hero carry out you want to be?


A hero through fans however is generally reclusive.
The strongest hero among the strongest heroes.
A weak hero who perseveres in the face of defeat.
A high-ranked hero that views lower course heroes together weak.
A hero for personal reasons.
Question the

What is your dream superhero suit?


Something basic like a jumpsuit and cape.
A cool armor-like suit.
Something plain like an ordinary outfit.
Anything that provides me comfortable.
Anything that makes me comfortable.
A lithe suit built for speed.
Question that

What’s your favorite color?


Question that

What’s your personality type?


Question that

What’s your dream?


Saving the people
Eating the ideal food on planet
Becoming a millionaire
Getting your very own genie
My preferences are not right here
Question of

Which of this powers would certainly you want?


The strength to ruin evil
The strength to create anything of your desires
The strength to relocate at supersonic speed
The power to burst flames
The power to be the greatest
Question that

If a hero fights an enemy threatening to damage Earth that he can not defeat, what must he/she do?


Give up soon
Ascend to newer heights
Applaud her opponent’s toughness
Continue fighting as soon as you can’t win
A various course of activity
Question the

Which of this anime is most similar to One punch Man?


Mob Psycho 100
Sword Art online
One piece
The disastrous Life of Saiki K
My Hero Academia
Question of

If your best friend to be being destroyed, what would certainly you do?


Stand back and heal them afterwards.
Assess the situation and also see if you have the right to be of any type of use.
Charge in to not seem cowardly
Charge in to save him/her
Exchange her life for theirs.
Question the

Finally, what carry out you think the Saitama’s personality?


He’s a pretty boring character.
He’s also overpowered. He provides fights boring.
He’s the most distinct anime character ever!
He’s the strongest, therefore he have to be the best!
He’s the strongest, so he should be the best!
His personality story makes the story interesting.

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