Almost six months have actually passed due to the fact that Kelly Ripa‘s former co-host Michael Strahan left his seat at Live, and also the gyeongju to fill the position is quiet ongoing.

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While the list of potentials is made up of part pretty major names, one unexpected contender has popped increase in current weeks: introducing Richard Curtis, a high school teacher native Perkasie, Pennsylvania, that won a social media contest to co-host Live for one day earlier this month.



Curtis, that guest co-hosted the abc talk display on Oct. 21, has because returned come his hometown — but curiosity around the surprised favorite is still brewing, so right here are 5 things you need to know around him.

Ripa, 46, announced she Live v Kelly and YOU contest on Sep. 7, asking fans to apply to fill in as a guest co-host themselves because that one day.

Participants had to submit a video clip application and also the optimal 40 entries to be selected by Live staff, judged top top creativity, enthusiasm and personality, presentation and overall performance.

The peak 40 to be announced ~ above Sep. 23, and were then given a video challenge to complete. Live staff then cut down the list to 20, and from then on, viewer voting via society media dictated the contest, whittling down the remaining contestants every day the mainly of Oct. 17 until only Curtis to be left Oct. 21.

Curtis had actually to survive a series of on-air challenges, including however not limited to a “Juju on the beat” dance-off, a teleprompter reading difficulty and a ring of rapid-fire Q&A — and also he crushed all of them.

Ultimately, Curtis win out fellow finalist Dax Holt — however they actually ended up becoming good friends.

Back at home, Curtis is the proud dad of two kids: daughter Leighton, 5, and also his adorable young kid Parker.

His family, consisting of his parents and wife Lindsay, were all in the audience cheering the on during his Live stint last week, and he’s attributed Lindsay for pushing him out of his comfort zone and encouraging him to get in the competition.

“This entirety journey wouldn’t have actually happened without my wife,” that told the Perkasie News Herald.

Just once you assumed he couldn’t be any much more perfect for the project — Curtis actually teaches television production to grades 9 with 12 in ~ Souderton Area High School.

“This is the very first time as a teacher I’m walking to have complete ,” the joked on the show. “Everybody’s watching me and also listening come what I’m saying. Probably we must teach something in ~ this point!”

The ideal part? He yes, really did have actually everyone’s attention: every 2,500 Souderton students to fill the school’s stadion to watch Curtis’ performance and cheered him on with signs.

For someone that was making their debut on nationwide television, Curtis to be cool together a cucumber — even when things didn’t go precisely as planned, like during his “bottle flipping” demonstration.

Curtis is not just a natural at live TV, yet he yes, really does seem to click with Ripa. The two walked hand-in-hand backstage before taking your seats, and also we could watch them banter back-and-forth every day.

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In fact, their chemistry is so great that Live announced Thursday that Curtis would be return to co-host top top Nov. 7.

“Honestly, for this reason excited come be back in that chair! Hosting that present was incredible and also I’m ready to present America the man they observed is who I really am! Blessed!” Curtis gushed ~ above Instagram. “This is all because my mam rocks and also made me do it!!! many thanks Boo!!!”

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