Strawberry cakes were constantly Athanasia's second favourite cake flavour, the very first being chocolate, obviously. Choose up a little piece of the cake through a fork, the princess happily ate it.

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"That is one delicious-looking cake," Lucas commented before slowly putting a item of cheesecake right into his mouth with a fork.

Everyone other than for Claude to be eating the very same cheesecake together the magician. Before this chapter actually began, Myra had actually asked them if they want to eat anything... And also before anyone else can respond, both Jennette and also Lucas had actually said the specific same thing.


So below they were. Eating cheesecake. The cake was really, really tasty though. Too negative Claude hated desserts.

"Aww, come on, Claude. Open up your mouth and say 'Aahh'." Diana was beginning to get annoyed through her lover due to the fact that of just how stubborn he to be to not eat the cake she was offering him. Anytime she moved her fork v the cake item closer to him, Claude instantly moved his head away.

"No," Claude stated. "I dislike desserts and also I would fairly die than eat them."

Diana pouted. "Claude, why can't you be like your brothers who's happily eat the cake miss out on Myra's feeding him end there?!"

"You challenge to compare me come my brothers of every people?!"

"Yes, I dare to compare you to her brother of all people!"

The others ongoing to eat their cheesecake in silence, skipping the bickering pair since they knew complete well that they would certainly forgive each other in the next couple of minutes.

"Dad, you shot it too!" Athanasia offered her father and also used she fork to point at the cake slice. "It's for this reason good!"

Claude simply sighed softly and also continued come drink his hot cup the tea. "I'm fine," that told her.

v Felix gone, the father-daughter duo took pleasure in their small private tea party in silence, just like how the father favored it. Claude watched together Athanasia ate her part of cake while enjoying it, wondering just how on earth was she even able to stuff it all right into her mouth.

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"..." Athanasia looked down, psychic what Felix had said earlier.

"After all, the princess inherited Lady Diana's beauty," Felix said with a little smile. "And she grow even an ext beautiful through each happen day."

Diana smiled widely. "You're as well kind, sir Felix."

Felix shrugged his shoulders yet smiled anyway. "The future me is merely stating the facts."

to be Felix yes, really speaking the truth?

"Dad?" Athanasia called out in a soft voice filled through curiosity. "Do i really look at that lot like mine mom?"