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Colin constantly it s okay made fun of because that his absence of hair, just like how Ryan it s okay made funny of for his height and also Drew it s okay ridiculed for his weight.

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2 This actors member comment in scene From a Hat through "It"s a boy! YEAHHH!" with the step "If you commemorated mundane occasions as if you score a touchdown."

This was from his debut episode. After ~ Jeff"s renowned line, he then proceeded come pretend come spike the baby choose a football.
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3 What game has 4 players, one who starts the scene, and the various other three go into the scene one in ~ a time, and exit one at a time in reverse order?

In one episode, Brad Sherwood play Captain Morgan, and also his ship to be sinking. This was the an initial time the dilemm was no resolved.
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4 Colin and Ryan execute a scene, yet they room not permitted to move themselves. Instead, two audience members relocate them. What game is this?

This game is no done really often, and when the is done, that is reasonably short. This game could be easily confused with living Scenery, i m sorry is wherein Colin and Ryan use two other civilization as props as necessary in a scene.
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5 You can not say the letter B, you need to replace it v the letter F. What is this an instance of?

Quick change and 90-Second Alphabet room both other gamings on "Whose Line". Letter change is no a game, it is just change Letter reversed.
Your options:< Jeff Davis > < Greg Proops > < Kathy Greenwood > < Colin Mochrie > Answer: Colin Mochrie
Wayne Brady, in the an initial season, did not appear on every episode. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, and Drew Carey, room on every episode.
7 This game is constantly towards the end. Four performers sing about a certain subject. This is normally the finish game with Drew, and the "winner" sit out. This is a really frequently played game. Each person sings their part separately, one at a time.

This is more than likely the game done with attracted the most. Laura room plays the piano for the Hoedowns. Once, Ryan can not think of anything, so drew sang his because that him.
8 In this game, Ryan and Colin define songs about a details subject. Wayne climate sings snippets of them, periodically with the guest.

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They pat this game quite regularly at the finish of the show, right prior to the video game with attracted Carey. The video game is focused approximately Songs of miscellaneous the audience yells out.
9 during Wayne"s tune to Howard in the layout of the village People, just how did Wayne assignment Howard"s name?
It was this episode, the 100th episode, that both Wayne and the band goof up. Towards the start of the song, Laura Hall"s piano messes up and also the tempo becomes extremely fast. Wayne claims that "it"s hard to spell at 210 beats a minute," yet it is noticeable that that misspells "Howard" way before the tempo gets out of control.