Long ago in a far away land, there lived a perfect tiny tree named small Pine. Small Pine had always dreamed of being picked to it is in the Queen"s distinct Christmas tree. Over time, as little Pine gave shelter come many animals of the forest, that is branches had come to be damaged. However when the Queen watch this imperfect tree she is reminded that the love and protection we look for in God. Little Pine"s love and charity because that its friends help to make it the most perfect Christmas tree the all.

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With beautiful illustrations Why Christmas tree Aren"t Perfect makes a wonderful heritage for Christmas and advent.

Title: Why Christmas tree Aren"t PerfectBy: Richard H. SchneiderFormat: HardcoverVendor: CokesburyPublication Date: 2016Weight: 7 ouncesISBN: 1501825836ISBN-13: 9781501825835Stock No: WW825838

A Children"s Christmas classic for end 20 Years! Long, long ago, in a land much away, live a perfect tiny tree named little Pine. Small Pine hoped to keep its perfect kind and it is in selected by the Queen as her Christmas tree. But as the warm-hearted little tree provided shelter come birds, rabbits, and deer in the forest, that branches ended up being damaged. Fortunately, the Queen had a different idea of perfection... Young readers will desire to read and reread the story of how small Pine"s love and charity for its friends helps make it the many "perfect" Christmas Tree the all. This magnificently portrayed story of a warm-hearted Christmas tree will surely end up being one that the many beloved classics of future generations. Schneider"s storytelling will certainly enthrall children and also adults alike.
Richard H. Schneider has actually been a journalist and also author for much more than 50 years and has written more than 20 publications for adults and children. A former senior staff editor at Guideposts, one interfaith inspirational magazine, he is a civilization War II veteran. He and his wife, Betty, are residents of Rye, new York, whereby Schneider offered as vice commander of article 128 that the American Legion and also a lay leader of the Rye united Methodist Church.

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