The Abyss Watchers space a collective boss in Dark Souls 3 and also one the the very first Lords of Cinder the players will confront during their journey. In this guide we will comment on the lore of the watchers, available summons, amazing trivia, and share our advice for defeating them.

Abyss Watchers Dark Souls 3: In-Game Screenshot

General Info about the Abyss Watchers

The Abyss Watcher is a mandatory team boss in Dark Souls 3 and also the first Lord the Cinder the players will certainly encounter during their playthrough.

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Equipped through The Farron Greatsword, dagger, and a memorable scarlet cloak, the Watchers will assault with vicious invent, making use of flipping maneuvers and vast sword-sweep combos come annihilate opponents… and also each other.

In this overview we will cover the lore the the Abyss Watchers, a strategy guide to aid you defeat it, and some fascinating trivia & unconfirmed theories.

Boss Card:
NGHPSouls Dropped
Weaknesses: Lightning, Staggering , Backstabs and ripostesResistance: Dark, BleedImmunities: Poison, Toxic

Abyss Watchers Lore


The Abyss Watchers to be the main component that The Undead Legion the Farron, a group developed after the time of Artorias, the Abysswalker. Their singular purpose was come root the end all traces the the abyssal corruption and also prevent the from spreading. Although the cause was noble, the Watchers checked out insane lengths to contain the abyss, regularly raising whole cities come the ground.

The Undead Legion of Farron is a caravan the Undead, sworn by wolf’s blood to contain the abyss. The legion will certainly bury a kingdom at the first sign of the exposure.

Source: Hawkwood, Deserter of the Undead Legion

The Watchers took catalyst from Artorias, and partook of the Wolf’s Blood to improve their bodies and also essence. The blood linked them to the heart of Artorias and also distributed this essence in between multiple bodies. Eventually, the Legion to be corrupted by the really Abyss castle sought come contain and also fell. Among the most telling indications of this to be the variety of Farron Followers that were tasked through removing corrupted members.

In the end, the Abyss Watchers connected the fire and become Lords the Cinder. That is unknown whether they did this collectively, or if it to be done through a singular member. After the linking that the fire, the Old wolf of Farron, which deserve to be uncovered in the swamp, created the Watchdogs of Farron, one the the covenants the Dark Souls 3, to safeguard Farron keep from defilement.

Why no the Abyss Watchers take it up their Throne?

It is quiet unclear why the Watchers determined to abandon your throne.

Maybe lock didn’t want their residence to decay further. Under Farron Keep, the ruins of Carthus are impending with the taint of the Abyss. Return Wolnir to be contained, his corruption is obvious in the Cathedral the the Deep and also the Smouldering Lake. Through no more followers, the Watchers might be the last heat of defence, but this would suggest that castle still have their sanity.

Another theory would be that the Watchers were driven mad through the corruption the the Abyss. V their pendant devolved to mindless beasts or fleeing to the Painted human being of Ariandel, they to be left alone in the rotting bog. Sensing the abyss in every other, and unable to die, they are locked in eternal combat.

What is the Connection in between the Watchers and Artorias?
Image Source: Imgur, Procreate

The connection in between the Watchers and also Walker is very clear. Artorias to be a article of Gwyn, who took it upon self to fight against the abyss the erupted in the old Land the Oolecile. The Watchers re-publishing the exact same purpose. According to the summary of the Wolf article Helm, the Undead Legion the Farron was developed to be affected by each other Artorias’s torch.

The Undead Legion is the only point out of Undead in Dark Souls 3 that is able come fight for a higher cause, instead of being jointly hated.

It is likewise implied the Farron is connected to Oolecile. Follow to a Youtuber’s theory, Farron is in reality Oolecile. There are very few coincidences in the Dark Souls universe, for this reason the common facets between Farron and also Oolecile cannot be random. Right here are a few signs that assistance this theory:

You can find dead Oolecile mushrooms while travelling through the swamp. If you undertaking forward, girlfriend can also find a small cave through a single corpse. On the corpse, friend will discover a gold Scroll i beg your pardon reads: “In the lost land of Oolacile, the sorceries orchestrated light, and were stated to light in gold hues.”The corpse is safeguarded by a mushroom that looks exactly like Elizabeth indigenous Dark Souls 1’s Oolecile.You can likewise find Dusk’s collection and the Crown of Dusk, which states: “Feathered crown bestowed top top the princess that Oolecile, floor of ancient golden sorceries.”

There are a couple of other ideas worth mentioning, yet I’ll allow you check out the video.

Why carry out the Abyss Watchers strike Each Other?

The very first thought would certainly be the they fight because that practice, because they have the right to rise from the dead. But this doesn’t do a many sense. Why fight each other while encountering the chosen Ash/Unkindled?

Another theory could be the they have gone fully mad and also can feeling the abyss in each various other so they space fighting endlessly.

The sword and the dagger room reminiscent of exactly how the knight and the wolf would have actually fought.

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For much more information about the Abyss Watchers lore, please examine out this excellent video clip by VaatiVidya.