Q: Why do elephants repaint their toenails red?A: therefore they can hide in cherry trees.Q: have actually you ever before seen an elephant in a cherry tree?A: (they will certainly say NO). Works, doesn"t it?!Q: just how do you understand there have been elephants in the fridge?A: There"s footprints in the butter.Q: Why execute elephants paint their ears yellow?A: That"s not paint, the butter.Q: Why perform elephants paint their toenails red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and also brown?A: for this reason they deserve to hide in a bag of M&Ms.Q: how did the pygmie break his back?A: that tried to carry a bag of M&Ms home from the store.Q: Why is that dangerous to walk in the jungle between 3 and also 4 in the afternoon?A: That"s once the elephants jump the end of the trees.Q: Why room pygmies so small?A: they walked in the jungle between 3 and also 4 in the afternoon.Q: how do you obtain an elephant on optimal of one oak tree?A: stand him on one acorn and also wait fifty years.Q: What if you don"t want to wait fifty years?A: Parachute the from an airplane.Q: Why isn"t it safe to climb oak trees in between 1 and 2 in the afternoon?A: due to the fact that that is as soon as the elephants practice their parachute jumping.Q: Why room elephants feet shaped the way?A: to fit top top lily pads.Q: Why isn"t it safe to walk on the lily pads between 4 and also 5 in the afternoon?A: That"s as soon as the elephants room walking on the lily pads.Q: Why are frogs such an excellent jumpers?A: therefore they can walk ~ above the lily pads between 4 and also 5 in the afternoon.Q: how do you obtain two elephants in a pickup truck?A: One in the cab, one in the back.Q: exactly how do you gain two mice in a pickup truck?A: friend can"t ... It"s complete of elephants.Q: Why do ducks have flat feet?A: indigenous stomping out forest fires!Q: Why perform elephants have level feet?A: indigenous stomping the end burning ducks!Q: What go Tarzan say when he experienced a herd of elephants running with the jungle?A: "Here come the elephants running with the jungle!"Q: Why go the elephants wear sunglasses?A: for this reason Tarzan wouldn"t acknowledge them.Q: What did Tarzan say as soon as he witnessed a herd that elephants running with the jungle?A: Nothing. The didn"t acknowledge them v their sunglasses on.Q: What go Tarzan say once he witnessed a herd that giraffes in the distance?A: "Haha! friend fooled me as soon as with those disguises, yet not this time!"Q: What is the difference in between en elephant and also a plum?A: one elephant is grey.Q: What walk Jane say once she witnessed a herd of elephants in the distance?A: "Look! A herd of plums in the distance" (Jane is shade blind)Q: Why do cub scouts run so fast in the forest at night?A: to escape the elephants swinging with the trees.Q: What"s the yucky stuff in between the elephant"s toes?A: slow cub scouts!Q: How have the right to you tell if an elephant is under her bed?A: The ceiling is an extremely close!Q: how do you understand if there"s an elephant in bed?A: He has actually a big "E" ~ above his pajamas coat pocket.Q: just how do friend tell one elephant indigenous a ar mouse?A: try to pick it up, If friend can"t, it"s one of two people an elephant or a an extremely overweight field mouse.Q: How have the right to you call if an elephant has been in the refrigerator?A: Footprints in the Jell-O.Q: How can you call if there space 2 elephants in the refrigerator?A: you can"t closeup of the door the door!Q: how do you gain an elephant into the fridge?1. Open door.2. Insert elephant.3. Nearby door.Q: how do you acquire a giraffe into the fridge?1. Open door.2. Remove elephant.3. Insert giraffe.4. Close door.Q: The lion, the king that the jungle, chose to have a party. He invited all the pets in thejungle, and also they every came except one. I m sorry one?A: The giraffe, due to the fact that he to be still in the fridge.Q: just how do you understand Tarzan is in the fridge?A: You deserve to hear Tarzan scream OYOYOYOIYOIYOOOOOOQ: how do you get two Tarzans in the fridge?A: you can"t, silly.

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Over there is just one Tarzan!Q: just how do you get 4 elephants right into a Volkswagen?A: 2 in the front and also 2 in the backQ: exactly how do you understand if there space 4 elephants in your fridge?A: There"s a VW parked exterior it.Q: What did the 5th elephant in the VW discover?A: The sun roof.Q: Why room there so numerous elephants to run around free in the jungle?A: The fridge isn"t big enough to host them all.Q: exactly how do you get an elephant out of the water?A: Wet.Q: exactly how do you gain two elephants the end of the water?A: One through one.Q: exactly how do you shoot a blue elephant?A: with a blue elephant gun, of course.Q: exactly how do you shoot a yellow elephant?A: There"s no such thing as yellow elephants.Q: Why walk the elephant fall out the the tree?A: because it to be dead.Q: Why did the second elephant autumn out of the tree?A: It to be glued come the first one.Q: Why did the third elephant fall out of the tree?A: It thought it to be a game.Q: and also why did the tree loss down?A: It thought it was an elephant.Q: Why execute elephants undertake sandals?A: So that they don"t sink in the sand.Q: Why carry out ostriches stick their head in the ground?A: to look for the elephants that forgot come wear their sandals.Q: What go the elephant say once he saw a dead ant ~ above the road?A: Deadant, Deadant, Deadant! (sung come Pink Panther tune).Q: What walk the elephant say as soon as he witnessed a live ant on the road?A: he stomped on it and then claimed "Deadant, Deadant, Deadant!".Q: Why go the elephant stand on the marshmallow?A: that didn"t desire to sink in the hot chocolate.Q: just how do elephants save in touch over lengthy distances?A: They do trunk calls.Q: What"s red and also white top top the outside and gray and also white on the inside?A: Campbell"s Cream of Elephant soup.Q: how do you smuggle one elephant across the border?A: put a part of bread on every side, and also call the "lunch".Q: Why room elephants wrinkled?A: have actually you ever tried to iron one?Q: Why go the elephant cross the road?A: Chicken"s work off.Q: What perform you contact two elephants on a bicycle?A: Optimistic!Q: What execute you gain if you take it an elephant right into the city?A: free Parking.Q: What execute you obtain if you take an elephant into work?A: single use of the elevator.Q: how do you know if there is one elephant in the bar?A: It"s cycle is outside.Q: exactly how do you understand if there room three elephants in the bar?A: was standing on the bike and also have a look at in the window.Q: Why execute elephants wear tiny green hats?A: come sneak throughout a pool table without gift seen.Q: How countless elephants go it take to adjust a light bulb?A: Don"t it is in stupid, elephants can"t adjust light bulbs.Q: What perform you get if you overcome an elephant v a whale?A: A submarine with a built-in snorkel.Q: just how do you do a dead elephant float?A: Well, you take it 10 dead elephants, 10 lots of chocolate ice-cream, 5 loads of bananas,.....Q: What do you understand when girlfriend see three elephants walking down the street attract pinksweatshirts?A: They"re every on the very same team.Q: exactly how do you stop an elephant native charging?A: Take away his credit card.Q: Why do elephants have actually trunks?A: because they would look silly with glove compartments.Q: What perform you provide a seasick elephant?A: numerous room.Q: What has two tails, 2 trunks and five feet?A: an elephant through spare partsQ: What"s grey and also puts out forest fires?A: Smokey the Elephant.Q: What happens when an elephant sit in front of you in ~ the movies?A: You miss out on most that the picture!Q: What go the peanut say to the elephant?A: Nothing, peanuts can"t talk. Q: just how do you understand when an Elephant has remained in the baby carriage? A: by the footprints top top the baby"s forehead!Q: What is beautiful, gray and wears glass slippers?A: Cinderelephant.Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on her fence?A: 6:15PM (trick question!)Q: just how do friend shoot a blue elephant?A: with a blue elephant gun.Q: just how do friend shoot a white elephant?A: organize his nose until he transforms blue, then shoot him v a blue elephant gun.Click one to vote: walk you prefer it?
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